I'm a huge fan of Ian M. Banks Culture Novels, a sci-fi series about a utopian, post-scarcity society of human, computer, and robot citizens. The writing is sharp, the ideas and politics are rock-solid, and the characters are balanced and not caricatures like most sci-fi. What other books or series would you recommend to Culture Lovers?


Here are some authors similar to Ian M. Banks that you might enjoy based on your fandom for the Culture Novels:

Lois McMaster Bujold (Specifically try Komarr)


Caleb Carr (Specifically Killing Time)

Also, it sounds as though you might enjoy dystopian novels. Take a gander at our list on dystopian novels here:

Thans for the tips. I'll read anything once. Lately I have been nosing around Modern/Urban Fantasy. "Hounded" by Kenin Hearne and "Midnight Riot" by Ben Aranovitch. "Midnight Riot" is much better. I prefer the magic subdued, which means that I rate Hounded second. PS thanks for the suggestions, most appreciated.

You might like Ready Player One ( or Little Brother ( They are both future-history type novels, but have roots in the 1984, Brave New World dystopias.