Summer Programs: Evenings or Weekends?? Have your say!


UPDATE: Look, its harmless cute cookies, not the President looking weird.. heh..
With deadlines coming for scheduling summer programs, we need to know what your preferences for program times are As Soon As Possible!

We don't want you to miss out on great programs because you play sports on weekends, or evenings are bad because your work at Washtenaw Dairy. Would weekday afternoons be the best? Please let us know!


I'm curious as to what a picture of Bush has to do with this.


Mostly to get your attention.. I didn't have a summer programming picture. ^_^

Aaaand it kinda looks like he's saying "achtung!"

Ugh, it's Bush. O_o

Have it during the day... I guess weekday afternoons would be fine. Probably. I wouldn't mind weekends, either. Just... not during the day on weekdays (I'm helping out at camps and stuff), and not in the evening. That's all.

Sorry about the Bush photo.. I guess I traumatized people!

Weekends are the best for me. Thank you!

Phew. Cookies are much better.
Now I'm hungry, though. O_o

I would have to vote for weekends, since my parents might be a little nervous about me going out during the summer at night. Stupid parents... >_<

Quote of the moment:

"I wear exploding penguins." ~Haley, friend


Good to know.. we have several Saturday afternoon events scheduled as a result of this survey. ^_^