Animanga Club: Furuba Reunion

Fruits Basket: Tohru Freaks
Tohru Freaking Out. Nuff said.

Read Fruits Basket books 10, 11 and 12, then come to the Animanga Club and meet other Furuba fans!

Tuesday April 4th, 7pm at Malletts Creek

New UPDATE: Book 13 is now out, and I have a copy for you.. ^_^
We will be having Japanese treats (and brownies) and we'll show a surprise episode of Fruits Basket.
BIG QUESTION: What days of the week/times are best for Animanga Club during the Summer Months?? Please let me know ASAP.


Horray! Time for some more FRUITS BASKET! :D Jumanah had better haul those books back to me, along with most of the Maison Ikkoku series and the first volume of Ranma 1/2. O_o WHY must I constantly be the source of all manga among my friends?
Anyway... summer months. I'm not completely sure of everything I'm doing then, but try to have them during the day this time, okay? I usually go to the library on Saturday afternoons, so it would be handy to have then then. And I prefer weekends, especially during the weeks I'll be helping out at writing camp (Amber, this is your cue to sign up for the last week). Also, my cousins (who are into anime) are visiting... I wonder if they'll go? Okay, I'm starting to get off topic now.
Oh, and we should have more events. Once a month is not enough!

Hey! This is Quinn! I can come to the next furuba club/party thing! I still need to get my books 10-12 back though....Well I will be there! ^.^Furuba^.^

....for some reason it posted my reply twice so...must of clicked the post reply thingy twice......

Double-posting happens, no biggie.

Glad you're coming! Will make reminder phone calls tomorrow night.. if I can remember.

I don't think I can come. Plus I've only read about half of 10 and have many other books that I'm reading so I wouldn't be on the ball.

Well, keep the AC program in May on your schedule then. :) We'll be focusing on *spins imaginary wheel* Full Metal Alchemist! Unless its Naruto..

BTW-- best Naruto AMV. EVAH.

..... I can come.... I think....

Hi! I'm not sure I can go, I'm living sort of far right now! Almost a one hour drive! But I'm in Ann Arbor for the weekends, So the best times for me are the weekends if possible! I'm hoping to go to the other events!

That is quite a commute. I will see what I can do. :)

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD ok sooooo i think i can come (i am the crazy one with the friend thts also crazy) so we think wensdays are good cuz we are always bored on wensdays,..........i dont like wensdays bt i will if we have club meetings on wensday then i will like them by the wasy iv never seen/read fruits basket....... soooo i feel like a NOOBIE i dont like being a noobie....

I was just at the downtown Borders yesterday, and they already have the 13th book. So, if you hurry, you could get it before the program!

It's on April 4th? I thought it was on a Thursday. Because if it's on a Thursday, I might not be able to make it. D:

Ill be there I think!! (this is charlotte)

Anime Convention

I bought it! I found out through a friend who practically waved it in my face (would have gotten it from him but he runs too fast). So yes, I will be giving a way a copy of Furuba and another special prize.

Glad you all can come, and to the Noobs, well if you don't mind massive spoilers (Furuba's so good evening knowing the outcome doesn't hurt enjoyment that much) then come. If you hate spoilers and you haven't read the series and want to read the series later, welllllll.. come anyway ;).

Also check out this anime convention in Japan. It looks pretty amazing, but they banned Cosplay, so the reporter felt that the fans there seemed less playful and more "desperate."

Do I dare ask why they banned cosplay? The latter statement is definitely true though. Ugh, I can't believe I know what I'm talking about.

If I found the time I might come and be spoiled, but I have Kingdom Hearts 2. So if I both found time and completed KH2 I might show up, if I'm not reading.


I'm comming... I got a phone call... I already told you I was commin
this is Brittany... but yeah woot I'm commin
hail to Fruits Basket...
The following people will pwn the world...(and you)
1. Sasuke Uchiha
2. Kratos Aurion
3. Shigeki Sato
4. Yuan
5. Shadow the Hedgehog
ph34r them... they will pwn you!!!!

"Do not apose fate."
"Blame your fate."
"Don't die before I do... Lloyd... my son..."

I'm bringing a friend!! P-chan will remember. Luffy cosplay girl!

oooo so i see kratos is a 1227 speaker well 17 533(\/)5 7|-|7 1 4(\/) 4(\/)0(\)6 |=|213(\)|]5 |-|3|23 (/\)3|_|_ 7|-|7 15 \/3|2y 600|] 2 |<(\)0(/\) 4(\) 45 |=0|2 p(/\)(\)1(\)g 1 4(\/) 7|-|3 (\/)4573|2!!!!!!!!


oooo so i see kratos is a 1337 speaker well 17 533(\/)5 7|-|7 1 4(\/) 4(\/)0(\)6 |=|213(\)|]5 |-|3|23 (/\)3|_|_ 7|-|7 15 \/3|2y 600|]

2 k(\)0(/\) 4(\) 45 |=0|2 p(/\)(\)1(\)g 1 4(\/) 7|-|3 (\/)4573|2!!!!!!!!

You know, they never did say why they banned it.. probably afraid of important people tripping over robes and being grossed out by melting prosthetic ears.. This was a really official event with lots of bigwigs I think.

*brain hurts from trying to decipher 1337*

aaaah! Someone translate please!

here is the translation of the l33t the last person posted.
"oooo so i see kratos is a leet speaker well it seems that I am among friends here well that is very good

to know an as for pwning I am the master!!!!!!!!"

I hope your brain recovers Edith.

Thanks, Duck. Reading 133t is almost more difficult than reading educational research papers..