This 2003 movie is a sleeper. MAY is an awesome movie with great acting.

Tha main character, May, who is shy and quirky, is wonderfully played by Samantha Adams. May has been an outcast since childhood due to her lazy eye. She turns into the neighborhood joke because her mother insists she use a "pirate patch" to cover her lazy eye. Instead of making things better, it actually makes the situation worse. For her birthday, in order to cheer her up, May's mother gives her a doll that she cannot take out of the case and play with. Even though she cannot hold her new friend, she ultimately becomes best friends with the inaccessible doll in the box.

As May grows into an adult she stays best friends with her doll. She works at the animal hospital, and sews her own clothes in her spare time. One day she sees Adam, played by Ken Davitian, and instantly falls for him. They run into each other in the town's laundry mat, and soon begin a friendship. Through heartaches that follow, she begins to realize that only certain parts of people are perfect. May snaps, and her "macabre fix" of her disappointing life ensues.


Oh man, how freaky!

I love this movie so much! Angela Bettis was fantastic in this, I keep hoping to see her in more films. Adam was played by Jeremy Sisto (Brenda's crazy brother from Six Feet Under)...the way May interacts with him in the film is often quite of my faves.