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This is the temporary place for all zine materials, namely reviews of Manga and Anime, as well as video games that have related material (why not?).

I'll start:
Bleach--The Manga(don't even know if its done yet), that Anime (71 episodes so far)
Basic storyline: Boy meets Shinigami(Soul Reapers, who kick the dead into the next level of existence), boy takes Shinigami's powers, boy fights monsters created by damaged souls (Hollows).
Best thing about the books: humor plus action= great entertainment. More informative than the anime.
Best think about anime: seeing Ichigo, our hero, battle his dad at the breakfast table.
Drawbacks of the series: Reeeeally long, and the anime has fillers. Hard to keep track of all the characters.
Benefits of the series: There's always more! Fillers tend to be hilarious, and I like the fact that the story moves from place to place with new aspects of the Bleach universe revealed with each story-arch.


We can wirte our reviews and stuff other ways, right? Here goes (I have replaced words I haven't thought of yet with gibberish for now, so ignore that):

Touch (Manga: 1981, 26 volumes; Anime: 1985, 101 episodes; A few animated movies and TV specials, and recently a live-action movie)

It's pretty common for new anime series to be licensed. They're dfshbsdh, popular, and the animation is much better than those older shows (well, maybe I shouldn't say that...)! However, there are always some old series that, sadly, remain unknown, and Touch is one of these.
Touch was increadibly popular in the 1980s and holds the record for the highest rated anime ever. While it's technically a sports manga (the main characters are on a baseball team), it's really much more than that.

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