Strange but True

No paper can be folded in half more than seven times.
Don't believe me? Feel free to try it.

For more strange-but-true facts, read Bla Bla: 600 incredibly useless facts.


OMG!!! The no paper can be folded in half more the seven times is true.....i tried with a little peice of paper I only got up to 5 times and I tried it with a normal sized paper and only got up to 6.....weird.....@.@

Yeah, I tried it while on desk with another librarian.. we used about four sheets of paper of varying sizes and thicknesses before giving up.


The more you knooooooow...


Ugh, not that, please!

I prefer..

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

Actually, it is not true that you can't fold paper more than 7 times. A high school student figured out the limiting equation that bounds paper folding and folded a piece of paper (albeit a big one) 12 times to prove her point.

Bad fact book, bad! Go sit in shelving.