Did the right movie win last night?

In an upset similar to the year Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare in Love, Brokeback Mountain, the favorite and frontrunner up through Ang Lee's win as Best Director, lost to Crash for Best Picture. Read more. So, was Crash the right choice, or does this mean Hollywood isn't quite ready to embrace a gay love story for Best Picture?


Yes it did, and it was appropriate. In America reality needs to be put on notice to show how ugly racism is.

For a movie that's supposed to be the best picture of the year, Crash received a lot of negative reviews from major critics around the country. Personally, I just don't think it's what its fans claim it to be (i.e., a serious, insightful, thoughtful look at race relations in America). Here's one interesting discussion about the movie's shortcomings.

In other movie awards news, Dirty Love dominated the razzies with 4 awards. I'm not sure if anyone's debating those choices.