An American Story

National Public Radio's Story Corps seeks oral histories from ordinary folks "as a record of the way we live today--and how we got here." In the case of Blanca Alvarez this is very literally a story of how she got here. In the Story Corps interview with her daughter, Connie, Alvarez describes crossing the border from Mexico to the United States over thirty years ago and the jobs she held to support her family in those difficult early years. Connie goes on to talk about how her mother's example inspired her to achieve her dream of graduating from college. The pictures and stories of both famous and ordinary Mexican-Americans in the Mexican Family Album illuminate the histories and culture around the Alvarez family. Theirs is just one family story, but as in the Mexican Family Album, it is a story that speaks to the experiences of millions. In addition, their stories might spark conversations about your own family--how do you live now? And how did you get here?