Animanga Blog Trivia Challenge

Having just gotten back from Disney World, I'm interested in seeing if you know more about Asia than Epcot. Really fabulous prizes will be awarded March 15, 7pm at NEB for the most truthy, and perhaps factual answers.

Question number 6: What is important about the Edo period in Japan?

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5: What or when is Edo?
4: What is a "kitsune"?
3: Is Xellos Good or Evil? Explain.
2: What is the Japanese name for Japan?
1: What is the difference between a Japanese and Chinese Pagoda?


Chinese have 8 sides while Japanese are 4 sided. Also there are differences in roof structure.


An answer! A really short one, but truthy.. the Chinese built some four-sided pagodas, but that was a really long time ago. Another difference is that the Chinese pagodas tend to be stone, while the Japanese, lacking decent stone quarries, traditionally used wood.. which led to a lot of really famous pagodas burning down over the years.

UPDATE: Scratch the further investigation of pagodas, if I don't have that kind of time no one does. (drowning in midterms)

Kekeke, it's Nihon, or Nippon, of course. Unt Japanese is Nihon-go. Ladeeda...

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Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah! Thank you for that answer Tohrn.

I will now try to come up with a much more interesting question..

That's totally opinion. ;3 But!, I think he goes with whatever works best for him, or even whatever gives him the most interest. But we all love him anyways, soooo...

Kekeke, I would write more, but I feel sick.

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Not feelin' so hot myself, luckily I am able blog from bed. Unfortunately, that means I can write papers in bed. Meh.

"Kitsune"[ki-tsu-ne((kee-tsoo-nay))] is Japanese for "fox". NEXT.

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There's a lot that was important. :\ So...

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Choose something and elaborate on it.. you have to work for your freebies! ;)

Did the end of the Edo period correspond with the end of imperial rule in Japan?

Nope, the end of the Edo period coincided with the restoration of the power of Emperor Meiji from the Tokugawa government.

Try again! It's really half an opinion question. :)

a kitsune is a fox =^.^=

I think the whole kitsune mythology is very interesting. Naruto's lead character has a Kitsune spirit trapped within him, right?

you mean naruto? if you do then ya he does
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Edo is the former name of the Japanese capital Tokyo. While there had been early settlements on the hills at Tokyo Bay for several centuries, the first major event in the history of Edo was the building of the Edo Castle in 1457 by Ota Dokan.

A Kitsume is the Japanese word for Fox...
(I know that from Naruto fan fictions.... er... Yaio....Naruto fan fiction.... er... Sasuke.... always calls Naruto his Kitsune.... uhh....AW COME ON IT'S A CUTE COUPLE!!!!)

Xellos is a double agent obviously no explaination needed

the Japanese name for Japan is something I don;t know

A japanese one is 4 sided a chinese one is 8 sided...(or do I have it backwards...?)

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v. impressive Kratos. I shall have to make more trivia threads.

But did you just have to bring up Naruto/Sasuke love? o_O

Yeah I furiously trying to stop myself from thinking about that. I'm fine with people looking at it, but now I'm not going to be able to do my homework without thinking about it. Good thing this an old thread otherwise we might get in trouble for mentioning that. Ok now to drown my thoughts with music.