Seeding the Cloud

Have you ever been to the Bentley to research local history? It is quiet as a tomb and you have to wear these white cotton gloves if you want to handle the old photos. It can be intimidating but it's also pretty cool. The whole environment is so reverential that the experience can be nearly spiritual. I highly recommend checking it out.

If you don't want to make the trip and just want to sit around in your jammies checking out old photos of Ann Arbor, you can look at some of the Bentley collection online. The material is cataloged according to professional standards and the information is very useful. Which is great, unless you like to browse sites with a little more personality.

If that's the case, you must take a peek at Wystan Steven's Flickr profile. It's a great start to a lost afternoon wandering the old streets of A2. Wystan is well known for his passionate interest in photos and stories about our town (come on, you know, he's the cemetery tour guy). The bummer was that until recently, there was no easy way for him to share his collection. He now has over 200 uploads on Flickr, with notes! Good notes. Sometimes funny notes.

A photo of Carrie Nation (the hatchet wielding saloon smasher) is one of his most viewed uploads but there are also photos of JFK in Ann Arbor. So go and give the man some views and check his page often, he's on there every day.