Remembering Patrick McGoohan

Patrick McGoohanPatrick McGoohan

Reading the New York Times yesterday, I was surprised and saddened to see that the actor Patrick McGoohan had died. As a teenager, I became quite a fan of the cult 60's television series The Prisoner which McGoohan created and starred in. It was a strange sci-fi/spy series about a retired spy known only as "Number 6" who is trapped in an unusual retirement village for people who know too much. We are never quite sure who is holding him there, and the series uses his story of opposing his mysterious jailers to contemplate ideas of personal freedom and government oppression. I'm not doing it justice here, but this was a wild and wonderful creation of McGoohan's imagination, so check out The Prisoner yourself from our collection.

P.S. McGoohan is also known for his role in the movie Braveheart later in his career.