New Video Games Coming Out

I am so excited. Kingdom of Hearts II for the PS2 is set to be released March 28, 2006. Some of the voices on the game will be from Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense, Rachael Leigh Cook from Josie and the Pussycats, and Mena Suvari from American Pie. But my husband said he heard that the U.S. release date has been put on hold indefinitely. Has anyone heard anything about that? Are there any other cool games coming out soon?


GensouSuikoden V. Hands. Down. It looks absolutely amazing, unlike the utterly ter'ible SuikodenIV. If anyone here's played Suikoden, you > everyone else. *hearts* Except me, 'cause I'm a dweeb. BUTYES. Go buy Suikoden. Now. And watch the ten minute long trailer for SuikoV, it makes me squeal like the little fangirl that I am. *heart*

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I really wish Suikoden was an anime..

who doesn't?

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Ohohoh, does anyone know if DoC is coming out any time soon? Sooo impatient. ;__; *sweat* Also, I hope some of the new games have a dialogue choice like in .hack//, because, let's face it, English dubbing is...terrrrrrible.

::goes off to listen to 2::

摩族 トレン