Ballroom dancing sizzles on screen

When pre-teens from New York City schools learn and compete in ballroom dancing, the visual results are magnificent. Simply the expressions on the kids' faces make this film worthwhile, but there also are plenty of rich, human stories. On a winter night at home, this DVD could provide family entertainment for children about 8 and older. Enjoy Mad Hot Ballroom!


This remains my absolute all-time FAVORITE movie. It is perfect for families as well as just anyone who wants to watch a great slice of life taking place in NYC.

The fresh honest comments by the kids themselves are terrific and their metamorphosis into delightful dancers is dazzling.

Thanks for blogging this gem.

I loved it too.. I watched it with my mother and Grandmother and they were both weepy at that sad parts.. and the happy parts.

It's a fun way to spend a few hours. Almost as fun as dancing.:)

oops, doublepost. :)