To Build an Igloo

With some of the winter storms that have gone through the area this season you could almost mistake the view outside as an arctic landscape. One thing that may be missing is the traditional shelter of an igloo. Luckily this Canadian documentary will show you how one is built.

If you need more detailed instructions we also carry How to build an igloo : and other snow shelters. If your interest is more in the culture side you may be interested in The long exile : a tale of Inuit betrayal and survival in the high Arctic which describes the relocation of some Inuits in Canada and their long battle for rights or The last gentleman adventurer : coming of age in the Arctic, a memoir which tells the author's life starting in the 1930's as a young boy moving from a British boarding school to a Hudson Bay Company trading post in the Canadian arctic.

For the younger reader there is The Igloo and Building an igloo.


I want to go build one right now in front of the library

Igloos! Winter and snow are so amazing. It makes me happy. I think Ice Hotels are pretty cool.