Michael Crichton won the WHAT?!?!?!? Award

In a move that has already raised the ire of more than a few scientists and is sure to raise a whole bunch of eyebrows in the publishing world, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists has just named Michael Crichton its Journalist of the Year for his poo-pooing of global warming in his 2004 eco-terror thriller State of Fear.

Daniel Schrag, director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment said this award is "a total embarrassment." Stephen H. Schneider, a climatologist at Stanford, was more blunt -- "demonstrably garbage." (New York Times, Feb.9, 2006)

Crichton, who was called as a key witness in a Senate Hearing on Science in Environmental Policy-Making on September 28, 2005, uses as the heart of State of Fear, the belief that global warming has no basis in reality and is merely the product of the imagination of evil scientists.


Crichton is at heart a storyteller..

He went to Harvard medical school, never used his degree except for writing for shows like ER. He certainly does not have a degree in climatology.

This opinion comes from a fan, btw.. I liked Jurassic Park.

I would bet the award is a half-joke.. even Petroleum Geologists need to have fun once in a while.

According to the Association's communications director, Larry Nation, it is a serious decision. In a recent New York Times article he acknowledged that the book was a novel but said, it had "the absolute ring of truth" to it.

Also, many members of the organization have protested the decision as well.

Can you name that Chrichton quote?

"The lack of humility before nature that's being displayed here, uh... staggers me."