Vive la musique!

Mes petits choux, you must know the divine Edith Piaf--she is very classique. But there is more: pour yourselves a nice cup of coffee, get a slice of gateau or another delight from the creperie, and imagine yourself in a Parisian Cafe with these compilations of French music. If perhaps you are more inclined to the contemporary, preferring the Pompidou to the Louvre, you might try One Step Forward or Princesses Nubiennes from duo Les Nubians. Last but not least, try Air, French Band. The library has their albums Moon Safari and Talkie Walkie, as well as their soundtrack to Lost in Translation. (Astute observers may notice that Air also provided the soundtrack for an earlier Sofia Coppola film, the Virgin Suicides.)


Yeah, I diffently think the only use for french is SFGs and maybe wine and cheese.

I must beg to disagree, mon cher Chevalier Des Canards! Surely you have not forgotten a list of French scientific and cultural contributions that includes chocolate croissants, Bizet's opera Carmen, pasteurized beverages, Asterix, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, and Simone de Beauvoir? Certainly their historical legacy is not all positive--witness the fallout of French colonialism in the marginalization of France's African immigrants today--but in my humble opinion the French language remains vital and dynamic. Thoughts? Pop music from other languages/cultures to share? (I hear j-pop and k-pop are thriving these days...)