Olympic DVDs

On January 25, 1924, the first Winter Olympics, actually called "The International Winter Sports Week," began at Chamonix in the French Alps. This year the XX Olympic Winter Games will be held in Turin (Torino in Italian), Italy from February 10-26.

The library's DVD collection includes several titles that have something to do with the Olympic Games, including Miracle, The Real Olympics, The First Olympics, Criterion's release of Tokyo Olympiad, One Day in September, Chariots of Fire, and this movie that was so moving it nearly brought me to tears.

So, what's your favorite Olympic event?


Please add Murderball to your list of movies having something to do with the Olympic Games. Excellent documentary.

Thanks cknake. Murderball is a great recommendation!

favorite olympic events would have to be:
(winter) downhill skiing. I get the thrill of racing downhill at incredible speeds without having to risk my own neck.

(summer) track. This just seems like classic, uncomplicated sport to me: who can run faster from here to there?

It's not about the Olympics, but another great sports movie is Breaking Away.

What about Riefenstahl's Olympia or One Day in September?

The library has Rifenstahl's Olympia Vol.1 and Olympia Vol. 2. One Day in September was mentioned above. Which reminds me, I guess one could add Munich to the list, although it's obviously about much more than the Olympics.

Cool Runnings just invaded my consciousness again yesterday. I don't remember why, but I had just decided I had to see it again.