Learning PHP 5

In March, I used Learning PHP 5 as the basis for class material when I taught Introduction to PHP Programming at the Mallett's Creek Branch. Sklar does a good job of methodically approaching PHP in a way that will be welcoming to a newcomer to PHP, but also provide a good reference to those who have been programming in PHP for awhile.

Eat a good meal before reading the book, however, as Sklar's examples sound delicious and may make you hungry!


There's a new O'Reilley book out, Classic Shell Scripting, which has a few holds already - if anyone has read it I'd love a review. (I put a hold on it just on principle)

Edward Vielmetti

I've actually got this book in my collection at home, and it's fairly good, though I've always found that The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide was the defacto standard for shell scripting reference. (though perhaps not if you're an old-schooler using csh or an anarchist using zsh)