Sundance Film Festival – January 19-29, 2006

Today marks the beginning of the Sundance Film Festival, one of the most well known celebrations of American and international independent film. The Sundance Institute was founded by Robert Redford in 1981 in Park City, Utah. To learn more about the institute and the festival, check out their website.

I know I always look forward to watching the films that gain recognition through Sundance. Check out some of the past winners:

Grizzly Man – Best Documentary Feature, 2005

American Splendor – Grand Jury Prize, 2003

Murderball – American Documentary Audience Award, 2005

Welcome to the Dollhouse – Grand Jury Prize, 1996

Super Size Me – Director’s Award (Documentary), 2004

Even the nominees that don’t win prizes are heralded as excellent movies: Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite were both nominees for the Grand Jury Prize in 2004.


I expected a lot more out of this movie, I mean with all the awards it won you would think it has to be decent. The only good thing about this movie is some of the closeup grizzly footage and the ending. This man was under the mistaken impression he was protecting the bears "they needed no protection due to their isolation" when infact all he was doing was calling attention to their location. The ONE time a person assaulted a bear he hid in the bushes filming and said nothing. IMHO he was a complete bonehead that was extremely lucky to have survived as long as he did. He was begging to be injested and he got his's to bad he had to take his girlfriend with him.