Welcome to OLD NEWS.

Welcome to the future of old newspapers at your library. This is the launch of OLD NEWS, a platform that we'll be using to bring the information contained in thousands and thousands of historic newspapers to the web. We've obtained copies and rights to many local newspapers over the years, including the Signal of Liberty, The Ann Arbor Argus, The Ann Arbor Courier, and most recently, The Ann Arbor News, whose archives AADL took possession of in 2010. OLD NEWS is the online home for all of this information, and we have put together an opening day collection of thousands of articles and images from the Ann Arbor News and other papers as a starting point for this project. Like all AADL products, we'll be continually refinining, enhancing, and expanding OLD NEWS, and one of the most exciting things about working with old newspapers is that there is always more work to be done.

And that's where you come in. Part of the plans for OLD NEWS include ways that you can help AADL to organize, filter, tag, and identify the information brought online, and part of that work starts now with the PHOTOMIC DESCRIBORATOR. We've loaded this tool up with images digitized from the negative collection of the Ann Arbor News, and you can help us to organize these images by simply typing a word to describe the image you're presented with. Anything goes. The more the merrier. And this is just the beginning! There's plenty of images to tag, and plenty of content to explore here on OLD NEWS.

So, have a look around, check out our FEATURES, where AADL staff pull together articles, images, and other materials to get deeper into a story, or see the PAPERS that are contained here; or examine our lists of the PEOPLE, PLACES, EVENTS or TOPICS contained in these articles. Or contact us if you have questions or have something you'd like to add to the collection. Thanks for your interest, and enjoy OLD NEWS!

Articles and Photos from the Ann Arbor News were Donated by the Ann Arbor News. © The Ann Arbor News.


For 2-3 years in the late 1970s I was a member of a small team at the Graduate Library that created an index to the Ann Arbor News. It was published on microfiche. The Graduate Library was given a copy, and the AADL and the Ann Arbor News purchased copies. For that small window of time, there is an index that might be useful to researchers. Can this index still be found at the AADL?

Thank you for bringing that up! I remember seeing that index at the serials dept. of the Grad Library some years back. I don't know if AADL owns a copy of the fiche set, but it is titled, "An Index to Ann Arbor Newspapers," and is available at the Hatcher Grad Library and the Bentley Historical Library, per the U of M Mirlyn catalog. It included the Ann Arbor News, Ann Arbor Observer, the Michigan Daily, and the University Record. Catalog record states it started with Sept. 1976 and "ceased with 1984?". Also states that coverage of the Ann Arbor Observer starts with Jul/Aug 1976.

We do have it here at the AADL as well. It's in the Microfiche drawers alphabetically (2nd drawer) at the Downtown library. Thanks for reminding us about this, too!

What a great resource - thanks

I didn't realize that Old News was a collection of multiple papers. Thats so much better than having to search through individual A2 paper databases.

Great resource!!! Thanks!!! ;)

This is great!

used to live/write in Ann Arbor

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I would love to be able to search through the old newspaper articles...for enjoyment and for finding codes for the summer game program. However this website does not work. I have been trying since June 17, 2015 and today is July 19, 2015 with zero luck. I have tried to access if from my phone, my tablet, and my home computer. My computer is only 3 months old and I am using the most recent operating system and have tried clearing my history, cookies, and cache numerous times. I was told by a librarian at Malletts Creek that is the reason why it doesn't work. Doing those things has not helped one bit. When I try accessing the site from my tablet it causes my tablet to completely freeze up to the point it will not even turn off. I was able to access the site from Malletts Creek computers today. I pay for internet at home and have numerous devices to use, so I do not want to sit at the library in order to read a website that should be accessable from any device. Contact us has never resolved any issues I have contacted them for so I'm done trying that route. Maybe someone will read this and know what I can do to access ann arbor old news. Is there a fee that I'm supposed to pay first maybe? This is beyond frustrating and how does one get help from the library? Answers are always to "use the contact us"-----to which I have never been contacted----so why contact you?

I'm enjoying the Ann Arbor District Library and the old news photos and articles.