Jon Stewart is going to host WHAT?!?!?!

Jon Stewart

In a stroke of brilliance (or is it ratings-despair?), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has tagged Jon Stewart to serve as Master of Ceremonies at this year's Academy Awards show, airing Sunday, March 5 on ABC.

It is hoped that Stewart, best known for his longstanding role as the deliverer of fake news on Comedy Central, and for his award-winning America (the Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction will pull in the young hip viewers who are devoted followers of Stewart's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but who avoid the oft-perceived-as-stodgy Oscars.

Stewart's brand of rapier-sharp wit is particuarly effective because it doesn't stray far from the truth. In fact, in 2004, the Annenberg Public Policy Center conducted a survey which found that Stewart's young viewers were far more astute about current events than non viewers.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Stewart, 43, announced that he was a little disappointed" by this year's selection for Oscar's host.


I think he's a great choice. His filmography isn't exactly impressive, but who cares? I can't wait for this year's Oscars.

I don't get cable, but I love watching the Daily Show's free clips online.. The Coot-Off was particularly funny.

I am a proud owner of America: The Book and Stewart's other hilarious book, Naked Pictures of Famous People. However, as I lack TV, I'll just have to wait for the Oscars torrent that will surely appear?

Librarian Edith
Edith, courtesy of Amber

If you find that torrent, supply the link please?

Here ya go...