Nov. 6th is "National Men Make Dinner Day!"

National Men Make Dinner DayNational Men Make Dinner Day

Are you a man who regularly cooks for yourself and others? Then you can pass this holiday without notice. However, if you are of the male species and do NOT normally fix the family meal or make a fast food run on a daily basis, this holiday is for you! (Apron is optional, tool belt with cooking utensils allowed)
This not a holiday for the faint of heart - normally celebrated on the first Thursday of each November, men have 12 rules to follow. Don't worry guys you don't need to be Martha Stewart, just choose a "published" recipe from any source without help. "Getting the recipe from 'her' cookbook is allowed, but man gets bonus points if the recipe isn't already somewhere in the house." And beer CAN count as an ingredient! Need a cookbook suggestion? Check out Extreme barbeque: smokin' rigs and real good recipes by Dan Huntley.