Fabulous Fiction Firsts #132

Her first novel to be translated into English, Chilean author/journalist Elizabeth Subercaseaux's A Week in October* is "intense and engrossing". Hard to believe since it delves deeply into the troubled psyche of a woman dying of cancer.

Clara Griffin begins a fictionalized journal that her husband will secretly read and agonize over - it is an intimate roman à clef about her coming death, her troubled marriage, her husband's longstanding secret affair, and her own erotic adventures. Whether this is her way of instilling desire, exacting vengeance or simply finding happiness, Clara's notebook digs into the slippery, treacherous nature of love, deception, truth, guilt and loyalty.

This "slim, elegant novel deftly blends nuance and suspense", and introduces literary fiction readers to a noteworthy author to watch.

* = *Starred Review*