Bringing the Green Indoors

Winter is quickly approaching, and the trees and plants outside are gradually losing their green. This year, instead of simply sinking into a five month depression, I've decided to bring the green indoors by growing some nice houseplants. But what houseplants should I get? They must be easy to take care of, attractive, and above all, resistant to my Black Thumb of Death. Fortunately the library has a whole section dedicated to the fine art of Houseplantery. Here's what I'm reading.

Houseplants: The Green Thumb Guide to Easy Indoor Gardening
This book has it all. Beautiful color photographs of all the plant types, general care tips, and suggestions as to which plant will thrive in which environment.

Houseplants by DK Garden Guides
A cool little book that focuses on pictures of the plants. Great for finding the plant that looks best to you.

What Houseplant Where
This book has lots of information on what plants to get if you have a particular spot in your home in mind.

Happy horticulturing!