View YOUR Sample Ballot Now


Your sample ballot, from President of the United States right down to your City Council Ward candidates, is available now from Michigan Votes. Once you fill in the info on the opening screen you'll go to a page with a purple "View My Sample Ballot" button. There's a handy print feature on the sample ballot page too. Need more info on the candidates and proposals? Check out the League of Women Voters of Michigan Statewide Voter Guide and the MLive local candidate guide.


I've been collecting more Ann Arbor sample ballot information - one site that just showed up for me today is a Washtenaw County site with PDF ballot proofs as they are to be sent to the printers.

Edward Vielmetti

Love the AADL. Thanks so much. Great services, friendly people, tremendous calendar of activities. AADL is a class act organization!

Alas, that sample ballot was from 2008 - you're better off for 2012 going to the official site, at the Michigan Voter Information Center, .