Noteworthy October Biopics @ a Theater Near You


Based on the biography of Georgiana (Spencer), Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman, The Duchess is the story of an extraordinary woman who rose to fame by staying true to her passion in a world of protocol, gossip, and social rules - and paid the price. (The New York Times review)

Flash of Genius is adapted from a 1993 New Yorker article by John Seabrook, about a lone crusader doing battle with the big bad establishments - in this case, Ford and Chrysler.

In 1967, Dr. Robert W. Kearns, an electrical engineer and college professor invented and patented the intermittent windshield wiper, only to watch Ford steal the idea two year later for its redesigned Mustang. Read an early review from the Traverse City Film Festival's sneak preview of this Oscar-worthy film, starring Greg Kinnear.


I (Johnny Ringo) am a huge fan of costume bio pics and can't wait to see this movie! P.S. I met Dr. Kearns' son once--a little known little fact about Johnny Ringo.

Johnny Ringo, your name is hauntingly familiar....are you related to Madonna? :)

Thank goodness no one so crass is in my family tree--I think I am allowed to say this because I was born in a trailer park--meaning your beginnings don't dictate where you end up.

Sorry, I didn't mean THAT Madonna. No offense.