New Poetry Collection

A new collection will be welcomed by fans of Jane Kenyon. Collected Poems is a compilation of all of her work including the poems in her celebrated book, Otherwise which was published in 1996, less than a year after her death from leukemia. Kenyon is especially well known and loved in Ann Arbor because of her marriage to Donald Hall, former professor at the University of Michigan and an honored poet himself. Kenyon found refuge from her disabling depression in the simple beauties and comforts of the rural landscape of New Hampshire. She was highly influenced by Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova, some of whose work she translated. Several of those translations are included here. Kenyon's poetry expresses the soul's longing like no other.


Kenyon should also be especially loved in Ann Arbor because she is a native. She grew up here. She lived on Newport Road. She met Hall when she was a student at the U of M, but not one who arrived from out of town. Or anyway, that's what I learned in Hall's _The Best Day, The Worst Day_, his lovely, poignant, moving, memoir of her illness and death, which I borrowed from AADL, after borrowing his _The Ideal Bakery_ and falling in love with his writing.

It's rather astonishing that the AADL, of all institutions, should mention Hall's connection to the U of M as the reason that ANN ARBOR values ITS OWN DAUGHTER Jane Kenyon. For shame!