The latest album from Kelly Chen.


2008年,陳慧琳全面回歸,繼年初上演了她與黎明合拍程小東的古裝浪漫大作《江山美人》之後,闊別了紅館四年的Kelly將於6月舉行第五次個人演唱會《陳慧琳Love Fighters演唱會08》,並推出年度全新廣東大碟Kellylicious. 率先曝光新作「抱歉柯德利夏萍」為一首中板的情歌,由黃偉文譜詞,舒文的編曲傷感中卻帶節奏時代感。接力主打歌「有時寂寞」則由好拍檔雷頌德一手包辦作曲、編曲及監製,詞中談及寂寞的樂趣,Kelly一改以往情歌的曲式,以懶洋洋的心情來演繹。

已兩年沒有出廣東碟的Kelly,今次還找來七大監製合作,包括王雙駿、C.Y. Kong、 Alex Fung及雷頌德等,務求令樂迷耳目一新的音樂元素。碟內還收錄了Kelly在2007年中秋節主打的廣告歌「最好給最好」,以及她與黎明為電影《江山美人》合唱的國語主題曲「隨夢而飛」等11首新作。隨碟附上的DVD特別加送四首新歌MV。 Review courtesy of

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Canto-pop diva Kelly Chen was recently seen in the big screen period epic An Empress and the Warriors alongside Leon Lai and Donnie Yen. Even though she is quite busy as actress, she has not forgotten her primary career as singer, and now the time has finally come for her latest full-length album.

Kelly's highly anticipated new work is the follow-up to 2006's Happy Girl and includes the principal song "Sorry, Audrey Hepburn" (Track 7), already very popular among listeners with its unique sounds. Fans can also look forward to the melodic hip-hop song "Lonely Sometimes" (Track 2) which was composed, arranged, and produced by Mark Lui. This is reportedly Kelly's favorite song on her new album as its lyrics and sound blend extremely well. Last but not least, her Mandarin duet "Flying With One's Dreams" (Track 11) with Leon Lai for An Empress and the Warriors also made it onto the track list of Kellylicious. With a Kelly concert tour slated for June, this summer promises to be filled with the sound of Kelly Chen.

This edition comes with a DVD featuring Kelly's latest music videos.

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