AADL-GT Round 2: Asian Invasion Ascendent

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Round 2 of the AADL-GT 2008 Season saw a surge from the Asian Invasion clan behind strong showings from members Hot_ArmS, SwordSensei, and DingDong in the Smash Singles event, but The Whole Famn Damily clan stayed strong as well on Saturday with members Dale W and masteraj racing to the finals in Kart Singles. We also saw AADL represent nationally in online Smash Brothers play against teams from EVPL, PLCMC, and WBTPL. New clans Phoenix and The Vikings joined diametrically opposed clans A Solo Special Ops and We're Better Than Special Ops for a place in the clan battle, featuring a surprising ending in the mystery game. Read on for more details.

SmashKart Championship Series 5.2: Smash Singles
Smash Singles saw 60 competitors duke it out in 15 separate 4-player pools, with only 7 of those going a perfect 4-0 in their preliminary matches: SwordSensei, Hot_ArmS, Mojo, Johninabox, Pyromanic, Jacob K and Doomblaze. Our top 32 players moved on to head-to-head elimination matches which saw no major upsets in the first round. However, the round of 16 saw victory streaks end for Doomblaze, Mojo, Johninabox, and Pyromaniac. Of the top 8, Asian Invasion clan members Hot_ArmS, SwordSensei, and DingDong all advanced to the semifinals, joined by The Whole Famn Damily clan member Solon. Semi-final winners SwordSensei and Hot_ArmS met in the final match, with SwordSensei taking the top prize and giving his clan a commanding lead in the Clan standings for the day.

SmashKart Championship Series 5.2: Smash Teams
The Smash Team event brought 27 pairs of players together, including a special appearance from "retired" player lain paired with masteraj. The team of brothers, Lard-In-A-Box made it to the round of 8 before falling to team Asian Invasion, who was joined by fellow clan team Tiny Terrors, team Arjan and the noob and team Smash Bros. in the final four. Team Asian Invasion eventually won in the championship match against A Solo Special Ops clan Arjan and the noob.

SmashKart Championship Series 5.2: Kart Singles
Kart Singles saw the Asian Invasion's domination subside somewhat with 56 players grouped into 4-player, 4-race pools. Doomblaze, Dale W, Funzo, Tub O Lard, and aikem all went undefeated in pool play and moved with the top 32 players into 8 4-player elimination races. aikem, Funzo, and Tub O Lard all went from undefeated to out as the top 16 moved on to 2 networked 8-player races. Perennial favorites Johninabox and limabean won their respective races with the top 4 finishers in each moving to the final race, which saw repeat winner Dale W claim the top prize again, and taking more of Eli's money.

SmashKart Championship Series 5.2: Kart Teams
With time running down, an abbreviated Kart Team event took place with 21 teams registered facing off in 3 preliminary races. The top 3 in the first two 8-kart races and the top 2 in the last 5-kart race moved on to a all-or-nothing final 8-kart race. The brothers of Lard-In-A-Box would not be denied, and took the top prize as the regular events wound down for the day.

When the dust had settled, The final clan standings of the day looked like this:

Asian Invasion: 8255
The Whole Famn Damily: 6645
A Solo Special Ops: 6540
We're Better Than Special Ops: 6340
Phoenix: 4000
The Vikings: 2280
Wario Ware: 1460
Tires Don Exits: 1275

The top four clans faced off in the Clan Battle for bragging rights and additional prizes. Asian Invasion and The Whole Famn Damily held serve through the preliminary clan battles of Mario Kart and Smash Brothers. The final game of the day was revealed to be 1942: Joint Strike for PS3. Even though Asian Invasion was in 1st place and had the advantage of going second, Famn Damily scored more points, repeating as clan champions for the day.

Our next tournament is scheduled for Saturday, October 18 at the Downtown Library Multi-Purpose Room. Be there or be somewhere else that probably won't be as fun or have pizza for everybody.


I've updated the ratings and XP for everybody, too. Sorry I didn't refresh that after round 1.

/*== ejk ==*/

almost 1st comment

ive only gone up two levels despite everything so far lol and havent passed limabean in all time leaderboard for smash either -_-

Asian Invasion Ascendant too good

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

yes..i'm 9th place overall..WOOT just as i predicted....literally. i was counting up the scores around me...lol.


i actually got top 4 in mario kart double dash for the first time in my LIFE....YEA

thx 4 the xp update!!!!!!!!!!!

deng.. we don't even play kart..

next tournament.. no bragging but..

score board..
5.chris R

can some 1 sell me kart..

every tournament i face d-rex and in the pool with d-rex i always go to mushroomy kingdom.......wierd
next tournament special ops is going to prove better than special ops wrong >:)

p.s. we could've been ahead of better than special ops this tourny but, we were missing monkeyman
(but asian invasion always has 5 people and their first....lol)

i didn't see the roysters...i don't think they came


lain, are you coming to the next tournament because i want to do the melee tournament again


who won the melee tournament

i suppose lain never showed up.....

.......i hope you enjoyed your pizza

why do you suppose that?

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

who are you angus...

harms our finals doubles match was pretty frickin insane lol

.....i am...your father

yea lain showed up... just in time to take my doubles partner..., though it was more of the rest of my former clans fault..., also sry ding but next tournament im making top 6 cause we finally have jiggs, the only char. i can use against top tier lol, ...tier whores...
Also erik i wasn't in kart teams for round 2 so how do i have points indicating that i was...
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tutu, for Kart Teams I have you registered as one of the members of the team Master Debators, partnered with masteraj.

If this is wrong, let me know and I'll get it updated with the correct info.

/*== ejk ==*/

lol, tutu made a difference in clans because if he had stayed famn damily would've been first and we would've proven better than special ops wrong but instead he switched....so close. we will get better than special ops next time >:)

p,s, why didn't stephen h qualify for championships he got 3rd place in teams for mario kart double dash....

uhh no, if tutu didnt switch clans the famn damilys score would still be the same cause masteraj's score would still be higher than tutu's putting tutu at #5 for the famn damily which doesnt count

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

didn't notice they only did top members for the total scores......lol

Clan Phoenix all day! Cant wait for the next tourney.

mojo was suppose to win... :'( except for dumb g&w

i need a new mainnn

dindong teach me how to be meta ^.^ jk

i can teach u dingdongs ways

mash the b button

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

heads up theres a big tourney on the same day as this but with real rules

Coolio, i have proved to everyone that i am the deciding factor between the best of solo special ops and btr than solo special ops
since with me on solo special ops, even without monkeyman, we did better than better than solo special ops.

I dont like snakes and metaknights... :'(


I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

Yay double post!
the beginning pools for smash and kart are too easy...
which is why i got all firsts with no trouble

I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

yea but you have to pay for that tournament to enter. i'm going to aadl next tournament =)

p.s. how do you do the snake dash thing with shiek...too hard

lol for one of the pools happy camper got 59 points instead of 60 lol


can we bring our own memory cards for mario kart because we had no characters unlocked and i was choosing last =(

snake dash? its called mortar slide, and shieks is just a dash cancel to up smash..
2 diff things


i read on smashboards that skiek can infact boost smash, snakeslide,smashslide, w/e you call it. A cancled dash attack into a usmash

what i type ^^^

first off, we lost points because we lost doomblaze and u gained doomblaze.

2nd off my english class is sooooooooooooo boring, idk what to do.

3rd off, look at the leader board for this year, who is on the way to first place?????



lol shiek dash cancel is teh uber easy, also i didnt do kart doubles at all, so i really shouldent have points...
A lady should be more elegant-Lumiere

1) tutu, don't you have a controller change to make it easier? or is it the same?

2) i still cant do it with sheik but with everyone else almost perfect :)

3) john looks different without his hat..lol...i didn't notice that i see him basically every morning.....lol

4) and i think i'm going to go to the top..(last tournament 10th, this tournament 9th) lol
and that's kind of funny that arjan moved from better than special ops to special ops...lol

Wait tutu, how did you finally come to your controller scheme?
Also, who has the second longest 'snakedash' or whatever it is called?

i think its warior then falco/wolf, not sure tho

julian am i aloud to come over tomorrow

i look diffrent cause im swole now.

i didn't change my control scheme for dash-canceling convenience... really its not all that amazing (or difficult) of a technique..., but it is easier if u have tap jump off, and "z" set to attack. The truth is i changed my control scheme because i can't short hop with x lol
A lady should be more elegant-Lumiere

first comment after school

our history class is basically our english class because we always read on fridays...lol but i fell a sleep today while she was chicking what pages we read...there goes my 5 points. TT

p.s. we really need to shorten the tournament so we could have a better clan battle and more free time.

the main problem is that brawl simply is a slower paced game than melee was, and if we keep to the same scedule as we have in past seasons its just bound to take longer... Sry but i dont really have a solution for this problem yet, but it has been nagging me the past few days...

Also can we not start up that whole first comment after school thing again, its just gonna spam up the thread kthxbai

lol history (unless AP) is a complete joke, if u actually want to learn history, definitly take AP

A lady should be more elegant-Lumiere

I have an idea for the schedule but i'm not sure about it...

but we can, not do pools and do elimination round with all the people in it and do best 2 out of 3

i think that might make it longer though

unless we put item set to high and do poke balls, trophies, smash balls, dragoon parts, smart bombs, bob-ombs, bumper sticker, golden hammer, regular hammer and home-run bat....lol

it's more fun that way though...but.....no

p.s. what's AP

jacob gimme a call 2marrow

i think ap stands for accelerated program, its a version of the class that progresses faster and is harder.

On the random question, AP stands for Advanced Placement. It's mostly a different class, and is for the more advanced students. Though there are accelerated classes.

On the problem about schedule changes.
If we start with Elimination, we'll once again have the same problem with time taken while seating. We switched to pools to give players more chances to play. Unfortunately it is obvious that when a casual player is seated with an expert player, the casual player wont have very much fun. This is what we are putting into consideration. Also time-wise, Brawl is indeed slower than Melee, and I'm wondering if it might be necessary to either remove a game in pools or more likely, lower the time limit and stock back to 2 stock, 2-3 minutes.
None of this is up to me, it's up to Eli. But it is key to know that the library serves us, and so if an overwhelming majority of the players want such rules changed, I'll bet Eli would be happy to change them.

Anyways, great job with our games against the other libraries. I hope our next victory would be a little more exciting and less expected.


i think it's because of some of the stages

yeah some of the stages like temple are bad for time

2 stock sounds good, way more preferrable than increasing item frequency

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

lol me against swordsensei four final smashes

holder of the 12000th post and best brawl player around

BC 206288081753

lol, it only took me one final smash to beat swordsensei last tourny lol that was lucky...items sometimes help
that's why i left them on versing hot_arms but there was no final smashes TT

2-stock really isn't all that good when we have OHKO items on though... I'd have no objections if we turned off smash balls and the dragoon off though...
A lady should be more elegant-Lumiere

we need a petition to turn items off imo


LOL funzo thats ironic cause you lost to dingdong in brackets and tried to get a rematch cause "items were off" lolll

also you only beat dingdong in round1 cause of landmaster soo verryy ironicc

my brother: should i catch a psyduck?
me: why?
my brother: cause he evolves into uhh....uhhh....a psygoose

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

OMG so much bad memories at the grand championship...lol

the next championship is going to be different >:)

whats ironic.. i never tried to rematch cause items were off, i was just letting eli know. it is true that i shouldnt have picked luigi, a char i just started, to vs his mk but w/e

jacob k and stephen h = 2

fusterclucks = 0


most items are not all that bad in brawl, just the OHKOs... if we took those out two stock matches would be fine
A lady should be more elegant-Lumiere

i think the rules should be:

2 stock
4 minutes
stages that needs to be banned
and items that needs to be banned

I agree with Funzo. I think items should be banned. I was thinking about a petition to, but we should definitely keep it 3 stock. If Items would be off matches would be 100% based on skill. Or at least final smashes and assist trophys.

if items were off it wouldn't be fair for others =P no johns =PP

Items are not going to be turned off. I sort of wish they were too, but casual players and unskilled players should have a chance. Remember, over 60% of the people who go to the tournaments aren't high tier like the rest of us. We want everyone to have fun while still being competitive. It also wouldn't be fair about a petition because really those of us on the forum are the skilled players.
I'm pretty sure Eli will settle for specific banned items and stages. If we can come to an agreement on this forum about banned items and stages, rules may be changed by Round 3 or 4.
We should begin with listing the recommended banned items.
-We should start with the Bomb-omb, an obvious one.
-I'd also like to ban the smash balls, because I've noticed in games, once a smash ball appears, the fight becomes a race. Usually I just grab it so no one else gets it. I don't use it, I just hold it as long as I can and sometimes even commit suicide.
-I'm not too sure about the Gold Hammer, Smash Wiki says it's better than the hammer in every way.
+We should keep the hammer because a skilled player can easily avoid someone with one.
+I also say leave the Home-run bat on because it takes a skilled player or a lucky shot to get a home run. Also the home run has been slowed down even more in Brawl; It charges about twice as long.
-Maybe the cracker launcher, I haven't seen it being too cheap.
-The Hotheads generally bother me so I'll put it up for discussion.
Remember, I'm not delegating what gets banned, I'm just putting some items forward for discussion. I believe that if we can eliminate the instant KO items, and other high-damaging items, we just might bring down the stock to 2. Remember that last round was very bad because we finished very near closing time for the library. We need ideas in how to shorten the GT.


If items are going to be on we should use evo 2k8's bans. If i remember right its beam sword hammer spring spiney guy star rod lips stick, they had smash balls on but nobody wants those, they took so much crap for having items on in the first place

for stages
standard nutrals
final destination
yoshi's island
delfino plaza

castle seige
lylat cruise
pokemon stadium 1
pokemon stadium 2
green greens
i think im missing a few

but these are the stages that wont kill you (in most cases)

halberd and greengreens do but anyways we dont need to be that specific with maps theres lots of others that arent terrible we just need to get rid of the ones like 75m

holder of the 12000th post and best brawl player around

BC 206288081753

Golden Hammers should definitely be out. Final Smashes should be out I think for sure. Just final smashes take a lot of fun out of them game and you get beaten by luck by a person who cant side step.

lol golden hammer can't be stopped..i tried using din's fire on it and it just cancels it.

instead of suicide you can just waste the special..unless your pit,luigi,peach,dk,lucas,ness and others that i may have forgotten

if we're banning items, hothead should be banned because any long move or fire move can make it really big (zelda can do it easily) and when the hot head turns big it's like a one or two hit K.O

FINAL SMASHES ON because some are not zero-death like landmasters. some are like lucario's(worst final smash in the game)

p.s. can you reflect a star rod when it's thrown at fox or is it just i messed up and i got the fire field glitch in green greens twice lol

3:32am wow you stay up late

lol, third comment in a row

all the casual and unskilled players i faced in teams and singles wanted items off...but it was easier for me..lol

but then again i did see items set on high before i started a match

but then again there's like only 8 people at the tournament that does that.

banned items should be

clock(slows u down so much its pretty much 50%-death)
curry(i know it can be deflected but that only applies to fox falco peach lucas and ness)
golden hammer
hot head
possibly fan(infinite comboes)
maybe lightning
super star(the invincibility one)
idk others im not looking at the game right now

holder of the 12000th post and best brawl player around

BC 206288081753

Yeah I stay up a little to late on weekends. Final smashes are the biggest thing I want banned

Thanks for reminding me limabean.
-I forgot to mention healing items.
-Also I didn't know what curry does really.
-I love the fan. It's one of my favorite items because I pester my opponents with it.


curry is like a mini version of ROB's final smash, when you pick it up your character spews fire in front of them. it has rediculous range and is sort of like having a fire flower passively on, so you can still attack while your using it. In other words it is rediculous. i do think lightning should be banned, assist tropheys, pokeballs, and food should be banned, along with everything limabean mentioned (if not all items). It is cool that we are trying to give less experienced players a chance, but is that really fair? If we practice more, spend money entering tournements, and work harder at it, should the people who don't be given an advantage? I think they should just get better. If i were them i would not want items on even if i were worse, your not going to get better by getting lucky.

as for healing items i think team healer is o.k, it takes some skill to use and doesnt heal that much.

If dragoon isn't banned, I'd like to see people have a little integrity using it, just because it's OHKO, and you don't even die if you miss... And if you're facing people who aren't as skilled as you, at least give them a chance.

for the clock it's zero to death with zelda lol

the clock and lightning can turn against you but either way it is bad.

p.s. guys, look up super smash bros melee remix song or ssbm remix song in youtube

it is a really good song..has a nice beat =)

to be honest i dont really have a problem with dragoon, its pretty hard to get all 3 pieces without killing someone who has two. And it really isnt that hard to dodge.

food? really (person who got food)-"ooh look at me i gained like 6 percent"

holder of the 12000th post and best brawl player around

BC 206288081753

when it spawns in bulk its like 70 hp, and in brawl a couple of food items heal like 15%

"if you're facing people who aren't as skilled as you, at least give them a chance"

how about, finish them off as quick as possible to save time lol...and you should always play seriously because your oppenent can get insulted because you didn't

... or they could get lucky with bad stages or BS items...
Also food shouldn't be banned... in bulk its just as slow to pick up as lets say... the dragoon maybe? also the dragoon's main problem is that the parts don't go away when the person holding them dies the just drop onto the stage, so in like a 1v1, well u get the point right?
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I found the footage from the November 10 2007 tourney online today, It was awesome lol. Johninabox beat pwner at jungle japes lmfao.

smart bombs are easy to di out of....i didn't know that you had to keep on tapping the controller up really fast to get out, i just held the controller up lol

NO BANS!!!!!

bans = lamezors


Items = Lamezorer


Lack of compromise=Lamezorerer

seriously lets grow up :/(this goes to every1 here) Let's stop these petty 4-year old arguments and replace them with at least petty 14 year-old arguments arguments
A lady should be more elegant-Lumiere

leave everything on and only take off the k.o. items


final smash
dragoon piece
hammer things

cause right now the items are set to low and the only things that come up are smash balls and dragoon pieces cause i don't see anything else.. rarely..

Can we all agree to at least ban the same items and stages we banned back in Seasons 3 and 4?
For stages, I mean the Melee stages implemented in Brawl that we banned, such as Hyrule Castle.

I'm asking if everyone agrees to use these previous bans as a base before we start banning Brawl-explicit items and stages.


i agree to the banning the items and stages in brawl, that was in melee
but that's like one stage...lol

I just want the big stages banned.......and hanenbow banned, but everything else is o.k with me...except some items.

p.s. 3:35 a.m. don't you have school lol

2nd p.s. where's hot_arms?