AADL-GT 2005 Season Wrap-up

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AADL-GT: Ann Arbor District Library Game Tournaments

It's all over. The 2005 season is behind us, after an intense, action-packed, and entirely on-schedule Grand Championship tournament, with champions new and old emerging victorious from the slightly funky miasma that only a 5-hour videogame tournament can produce. After the Clan Cup, the Wildcard Tournament, and the Grand Championship event, last year's 2nd-place winner [gtplayer:139] triumphed, wildcard [gtplayer:536] took second pick of the prize pool, leaving 3rd place (and 3rd overall) [gtplayer:166] and the aging-out 4th place finisher [gtplayer:288] to their leavings, as for the second season in a row, a championship winner chose a DS over an iPod.

Read on for full details.

The afternoon kicked off with the Clan Cup, where the Top 8 Clans from the regular season squared off with a set of 4 iPod Shuffles awaiting the victor. In the first round (Team Melee), Black Shark Clan won both their matches, while the Super Shroom's higher seed got them past The Reds and Noise Machine. In Round 2 (Doubledash Co-op Race), The Shrooms and Black Shark again prevailed, defeating both the talented Vaccinated Monks and the Foreign Exchange.

Rounds 3 and 4 were to be Shine Thief, which had great potential, but turned out to be totally underwhelming, with the stupid shine not even changing hands a single time in EITHER brief match. How disappointing, but not for 2nd-seed Skillz dat Killz or the 1st place Trouble Monkey Clan, who met in the first of the day's three sur-prize rounds to fight for the Clan Cup, which you have to write your name on first if you want any soda.

The Clan Cup sur-prize game was Donkey Konga 2, Concert Quartet Mode, with each Clan playing the same two songs in pursuit of the highest combined sync percentage. After a very close first song (Habanera), Skillz dat Killz set a high bar for the Trouble Monkeys in the second (Trepak), and the Monkeys fell short of the needed score. Skillz dat Killz proved that they posess the talent to ride the Clan Season to its very peak, where they can look down upon the fallen, and ever-confident, Trouble Monkeys, who are left to fling turds amongst themselves.

Then, on to the Wildcard tournment, where 33 hopefuls battled through 7 rounds of Melee qualification and 2 rounds of Kart Elimination, propelling rookies [gtplayer:536], [gtplayer:534], [gtplayer:532], [gtplayer:458], [gtplayer:477], [gtplayer:470], [gtplayer:436], and [gtplayer:507] into the Grand Championship Brackets.

The Grand Championship followed the same format, with 50 contenders fighting through 6 Melee matches and 2 rounds of 4th or better Double Dash elimination to reach the semifinal mystery game. [gtplayer:288] had a wild ride of a day, being eliminated in a Melee tiebreaker at the end of quals, only to have a player flee the event, making room for a Baby Park tiebreaker between [gtplayer:288] and [gtplayer:332] where Leinad emerged victorious and won his way to the semifinal round, where he and 7 other semifinalists faced the high-stress challenge of Root Beer Tapper.

The top 4 scorers were [gtplayer:139] with 15325 points, [gtplayer:288] with 13600, [gtplayer:166] with 6550, and [gtplayer:536] with 6250. All four now knew they would take home a prize, the only question was, which one? The final sur-prize game was revealed, and in a move shamelessly stolen from Gabe and Tycho's Omegathon, it was the original Pong.

First, [gtplayer:536] defeated [gtplayer:288], sending him to the third place match to face [gtplayer:166], who had been defeated by [gtplayer:139]. In gut-wrenching final matches, Duck defeated Jerry for first pick of the pool, and Monkeyman beat Leinad for third pick.

Duck, who threw the final match last year to guarantee winning that season's 2nd place DS, chose the PSP, and Jerry, without hesitation, grabbed the Kart DS Bundle, completely ignoring the shrink-wrapped and engraved 30gb iPod (now with moving Bono!), which was quickly snatched up by Monkeyman, leaving Leinad to take the GBA-SP, straight to ebay.

T-shirts were handed out, pizza and foul mountain dew-branded novelty sodas were consumed, cell phones were lost, and a good time was had by all. Big thanks to everyone who helped out with the tournament, especially our Commentary Staff, who did a fantastic job. Sorry CTN dropped the broadcast AGAIN, but this year's DVD is going to be something really special. Come to the Game & Plan meetup Feb. 12 at Malletts for open play and a copy of the DVD.

So, that's it for this season, but the next is just a few months away, and we've got a feature-packed offseason waiting for you, including open play and DDR before the end of the year, Super Bowl week events, open Super Smash, the Retro Octathalon, and the debut of the all-ages Kart DS Anywhere league, where you lock to a provided friends list and play a few matches a week, wherever you are, for a few months, and then meet for an in-person finals and prize round. It's gonna be sweet, and Kip and I (and Nemo) will surely play too.

Stay tuned right here for details as they become available, post about your favorite moments from the Tournament, and stick around. We're just getting started.


Cool that was uber fast. First Post.

"Badges? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges!"
[gtplayer:139] Knight of the octothorn table

second post hooly crap im good
also this sounds pretty sweet

Trouble Monkey Clan
Logo for the AADL-GT Trouble Monkey Clan.

That Omegathon link goes to an absent Wiki page. That was a witty summery, Eli.

i still like ddr better than donkey konga

What a bummer. I remember when I got into the surprise round for the first time, but I never won. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"Giggity Giggity Giggity, Alllllll Right!"-Quagmire

Black Shark Clan

monkeyman got an ipod video and shufffle
i wonder if his sellin them......

im probabally selling my video and buying a PS3 with the money + some of my other prize money
"y exactallally do u thnk im so dum" [gtlogo:SDK]

Well I just found out that ejk goes to the same church as I do.

Eli what about the clan cup with mario on it?
P.S. I think that there should be 6 person clans next year
"y exactallally do u thnk im so dum" [gtlogo:SDK]

Monkeyman, 2 questions... First, have you opened the iPod yet? Second, if you haven't, how much are you thinking of selling it for?
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!


Trouble Monkey Clan
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Smolarski, nobody in their right mind would seel you a brand-new iPod; your track record with music-playing devices in general hasn't been all that good...
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

I'm probabally selling it on ebay starting bid $280 buy now $340
(The video)
P.S. Duck how many hours of retro games do you play a day
"y exactallally do u thnk im so dum" [gtlogo:SDK]

If you sell it, you may want to note that it's factory engraved: 'AADL-GT 2005 Grand Championships'.

thats actually a shame that ur selling it cuz its kinda like ur trophy for winning this whole thing...

good job everyone.
Hey monkeyman did u get me a shirt
see u guys sometime in open play
to bad we couldn"t have been there it sounded fun especially the new format and clan cup
"Eli Is awesome"

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AADL-GT Turtle Clan

I almost never play retro games now but I use to play them a lot when I was younger (ages 4-10). Right now I'm only playing a few RPGs and only a few hours a week because of school and other stuff. Plus my dad use to run an Arcade before I was born so I come from good gaming stock. My dad would have slaughter us all in both surprise games; he can make it to level 6 in root beer tapper when I have trouble making it to level 4.

to organize the all star tournament we need to know who's going. so post on the blog if u can come both days. we can do 2 tournaments instead of 1 really long one.
o yea and would turtleperson 2 and bad driver like to join the trouble monkeys?(were booting galen and darksoul's moving)

Whoa I missed that Post your favorite moments the first time though. Well let's see my favorite moments would have to be
1.Leinad getting that second Chance and winning the SP.
2.That amazing 8th place to first place finish on DK montain in the first or second tournament. That was an amazing race.
3.Winning the PSP
4.Winning $70
5.Root Beer Tapper being unveiled (no one knew what it was)
6.Super Monkey Ball 2 being unveiled
7.Pong being unveiled

I can't remember much any more since it's been so long.

Wow, that would be one of the coolest possible occupations, Duck!!
I will be available on that Tuesday, but not Wednesday, as I am visiting family in Arizona. Are there going to be prizes for the All-Star event?

What arcade manager? Yeah it's a cool job but there aren't many arcades and it's not very profitable.

yeah...or pickwick and finklestein lol finklestein...ima call u that all the time now.

Leinad: better hope ur mic was really off and that Toms was off too so it didnt catch that...if anyone knows what im talking about, :-x

-winning 30 dollars
-super monkey ball 2 being unveiled
-getting like 5 matches in the grands
-winning by 20 seconds with sravan on dk mountain in the first tourni.

Ryan? can have the ipod? or the shirt? or the shuffle since u said u didn't want one? (for a friend who couldn't make it):( good job all, especally SDK. Indian food is good. Our clan won, im happy. FUNZO'S MORE REDARDED THAN BEAST YOU FOOL!!!
Doom... Shalt... BLAZE!!![gtlogo:SDK]

lol yea tom and leinad make sure no one knows what u said about madden.
my favorites were
winning all my melee matches except one which was sudden death in the july one
qualifying 4 times if eli would have let galen and i participate in team melee
that first race where joe and i beat black shark by 20 seconds
when i beat tp2 twice in august, once when he teamed up on me
triple qualifying in august
commentating throughout the season
going from 8th to first to win single mario kart in august with a single star(and lightning)
triple qualifying in november
winning team melee with darksoul against capn' and newborn(hardest team we faced)
joe winning the 30 bucks
galen winning the 70 bucks
meng winning the 50 bucks
mario winning the 40 bucks
trouble monkeys being number 1 by 5000 points!
and being numero uno on the leaderboard at the end of the season.
overall it was a good season except i got no prizes :(

First off, it wasn't me who said that, it was only Leinad. Second of all, your statement about your melee record is not correct. I beat you this very Saturday past in Sudden Death, my friend. Make sure you get your facts straight before you make such outrageous claims.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

tom get ur facts before u make an outrageous claim i said the july one.
eli do u have like a randomizer system that we can use during the open plays?


Okay, two things, first off, I stand by the Madden line. I'm not making any claim as to quality of anything, I'm just citing statistics, just like UofM, in no way did I imply that any group or video game was inferior, I merely made an accurate point that I observed myself at a Madden tournament this summer.

Second, Eli, was the I-pod the only engraved prize this year, or did you somehow get the other prizes engraved as well?

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Dude, Sravan, listen to yourself: "...winning all my melee matches except one which was sudden death in the july one..."

We're in DECEMBER here, dude. I never came to the July tournament.

And, though I didn't say anything about it on Saturday, Leinad's point is still valid.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

Doomblaze I got a shirt for you and bad driver
and actually I think I'll keep my ipod and give
you my Shuffle because you didn't win a prize
all season and missed your chance at the grands.
And they both are engraved right?
Also I thought the winning clan got the clan cup
that looked like this

The Clan Cup

"y exactallally do u thnk im so dum"

I don't have a favorite moment. This has been a series of miserable failures for me <_<

</buzz kill>

now come on jlgenilas u are a good player, 7th on the leaderboard. leinad, i was just kidding around i know u didn't mean it.
tom, i know u beat me but i WAS alsmot undefeated in july. people were talking about september favorites too.
monkeyman its mean to say people are the worst.


Yo duck, yeah I know that I like never come on the blog but I was wondering if you had started thinking about clan set ups for next year. I know that I'm not really that good now, I'm just ok, but it would be cool to be in a clan next year. SO i was wondering if I could be in yours since there is going to be like 6 people instead of four. But if you don't wnat me that's cool , but I know that Miniblin wants to go in with you next year since you guys had already set up the clans before meeting really last year.And with major tom and lenaid leaving the circle there are a few openings,Man I'm going to miss those guys they are so much fun.
Oh and oh do I become a commintator for next years tourtnaments.
WAHHHH I want the new season to start already, it's sad that I have to wait so long to toutnament with you guys again. Also Duck another reason that I would be good for a clan and miniblin for that matter is that we never miss any toutnaments, so were consistant, you wouldn't have to worry about subs for the clan because we always show up.Well it was only a thought no worries if you wnat other people in your clan.

The shirts were awesome YEAH! I like mine, but the medium like ate me it was so big.

Next year eli should were a crown, that would be cool, nice prize round eli that was great all of the geeks intensively watching pong!
Yeah! I like being a geek because I have nice geek friends ^-^

Muffincat we aren't sure about the clans being increased to 6 people it's still under debate. There is a good chance that you will be able to join even though you are not the best player. There are a few people that take priority over you (Evil Bus Driver). You are fairly high on the list of possible members. I think we will be able to train you into a much better player by next season. If it did increase to 6 you would be almost guaranteed to be in the Vaccinated Monks.

And on another interesting note next year your badge will say Veteran player.

"Badges? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges!"
[gtplayer:139] Knight of the octothorn table

Saturday was a blast - and really the best moment for me was that no one knew what Tapper was! Tapper is actually a game I love - have it downloaded on my phone even. And I *did* play it with the Tap at the arcade. And Pong as the final event was gripping - totally primative and great. I'm all for ebay, but it's good to hear you're going to keep the iPod - it *is* a trophy and a sweet one at that! And if you do give your shuffle away - well the karma is good - A very cool thing to do. It's not too late to get a shirt either - we'll hand them out at the open plays, Maddenbowl, DDR - until they're gone...

Yeah, in the process of shirt-ordering people forgot that it wasn't just growing boys going to the tournaments..

My favorite moments were:
1.Getting into the Surprize Round
2. Winning 40 bucks off a Madden Tournament
3. Surprising everyone by winning after being the underdog
4. The fun I had I had on all the games it was fun.

"Giggity Giggity Giggity, Alllllll Right!"-Quagmire

Muffincat there is going to be a 9 month lull from are end of season 2 to the begining of season 3
thanks Monkeyman u can give it to be when school starts again if i dont see u over break
pr0 i dont think we will be joining your clan though nothing is final.
here are some of my top memories. Have the top 16 for each event and top 8 teams and u could have substitutes for each team
i had a couple ideas for a potential all star game if we can do one that would be a nice event to do over winter break or end of school year. There could be small prizes for each event like 40, 30 ,20 or 30,20,10 and have those prizes be split in team events.
have a four hour tourney 1 hour for each event
1. winning almost all of my qualifaction races in single player kart lowest place in quals was a third.
2. winning a race with both jligilineas and joe
3. making it to the final race in round 3 and getting fifth
4. winning team kart in round 1 and 2
5. getting to the sur-prize in all 3 tourneys i attended though i got eliminated in the first round of each.
6. having tp2 get third in round 3
7. having fun with friends and enjoying these tourtaments
I would just like to briefly thank eli and the rest of the staff at the tourneys for there hard work and commitment
"Eli Is awesome"


Thanks Duck I will certainly train, I have gotten better over the course of the season though,I'm gald that I even made the list for possibliy being in your clan.

Wow you mean that the people ordering t-shirts forgot that there were girls in the tourtnaments, that's so funny.
Because there is like maybe 3 girls at the most at any given tourtnament.'

Duck I think it is awesome that you changed your name to sir ducks a lot, I know that's not how it is spelled though, And that's awesome that I'm going to be a Veteran now! YEAH!

Eli should give extra points to clans that include girls.

Cheese---and other random things
Much Joy Muffin

Bad driver we can have the all star tournament during the open play but with no prizes unless eli finds some 7 year old highlighters or something like he did last time.
Muffincat, Duck brought that up earlier about clans with girls getting bonus points, Submitted by Sir Ducksalot on Sat, 07/09/2005 - 10:31pm.
You guys are on break already? I thought school didn't get out till friday.
Oh yea i have to change my name from pr0 to something else. I'm thinking of like spartan-069 or something like that. Or maybe metallic_mccloud.

I think Bad Driver and TP2 started early because they had to travel to Hawii. By thursday anyone that has to travel will have left school so thursday and friday should have somewhere between 10-20% class size reductions. The planning board really messed up this year by starting break on the 24th.

Heh, AADL-GT affirmative action...

Seriously, the guys who got the shirts really wanted to make sure they would last, and that players wouldn't get small ones and then grow out of them in six months.. I think they didn't want to special order 5 or 10 small sizes just for the "petite" players. I say we design a shirt just for the ladies and lobby Eli and make them. Nothing like a good clothing line to bring in new people to the program. ;-)

Yes, and we could supplement the commentators with live music ala PHS or CHS Jazz Bands, mimes, trained alligators, and magic shows!! Then we can turn the whole event into an off-Broadway theatre production and make millions!!!

ROFL pickwick. That would be something. All of A2 would come and see it and the surrounding cities as well. You forgot the bearded lady, all the elephants that can do tricks, and the ringmaster which would be eli.
edit: thats why I got an XL so I don't grow out of it in 3 months.

This is Erin here - just logged in wrong: Even better idea on T-shirts - how about a "modify your AADL-GT T-shirt" workshop? Cut it up and sew in a more fitted form with cool threads, pieces from other shirts... could be cool! Seriously though - yeah I know lots of you guys/girls are small, but just as Edith said I didn't want you all growing out of them in a year or less - and on a serious fiscal note v-neck, babydoll and other more fashionable options or tres expensive - and as it is the T-shirts were still a pricey perk!

tom don't forget to bring 15 buck tommorrow (if u come). good luck on your paper. BTW have u even turned in ur rough draft yet?

Nice job everybody
Bad Driver, why are you on the internet, you should be at the beach surfing.
I think next year we should have a teams championship
Happy Holidays!!!

How many tournaments do you have to go to to be consitered a veteran(by the VMC)? 2? 3? Man Leinad got sooooooo lucky! He didn't Qualify to start he just has a good friend, then he whent to a tie breaker in the grands and LOST THEN he got lucky that they swiched the game so the tiebreaker was MKDD THEN the surprize round game was something no one other than the VMC has heard of so he made it to the final round (and in the final round he didn't have to face Duck but that wasn't pure luck)
"y exactallally do u thnk im so dum" [gtlogo:SDK]

Yes monkeyman that was luck. Some would say Leinad did not deserve the prize and the competition was riged(galen), while others would say it was his skill that let him get a prize. Maybe Eli wanted to give him and D-rex a second chance. But its not like a person would mysteriously vanish before the elimination rounds, unless he wasen't told he qualified. Or he could have been one of those melee only players. But it's not my thing to be mysterious i believe Noah said it was Eli's thing although i disagree with him. Monkeyman no one cares about being a "vetran" anymore considering 2 of them can't play next year. I mean its not like we went through a war or something. But monkeyman and doomblaze are vetrans along with the people who played this year and play again next year. Monkeyman would you like to join my clan along with doomblaze. Both of u 2 got 2/3 of ur clan's points and u both are very skilled at the games as am I.

Wait did Tom make it to the mkdd eliminations or did he get knocked out in melee cuz he's a skilled melee player.
WARNING: do not click on kevin's link, it's the relaxing car drive thing and you will probably get scared.

How could an advertisement for coffee possibly be bad??

? anyways bring $15 for that cd tom

Wait how did sravan remember that I said bringing girls should be worth more points? Oh and Sravan you're not enough of a player to pull off spartan-069.

Leinad did get in on his own if you didn't remember Eli said that anyone in the top 64 quailified and even though he only went to 2 tournaments he managed to be in the top 64.

Sravan Major Tom did make it to MKDD but along with Bebbles was knocked out in MKDD.

ok, sravan, we all know what joke that your poking at with spartan 069. It isnt funny enough. Also my clanmate is spartan if you didnt notice. That would make it kind of sound stupid. He plans to change his name to Irish Power or Irish Hammer or sumpthin because he like half irish I think.
Speaking of clanmates, my clan has allowed me to join the Vaccinated Monks. I'm not sure if they want to keep the name "Reds" or if their clan will remain.
One question: if Muffincat joins, can I be her Kart Partner because that is the only time when I got first in team Kart. just check my team kart scores, they suck. Me and spartan didnt get along very well in team kart, only in team melee we kicked butt. Man we even beat the Pickwick patrol in team melee!

"I was angry that day and my brother was telling what to write, he had a knife in his hand."-Black Shark

was the pickwick patrol that time dragoonblack and pickwick?

not sure but I think so. All I know is that pickwick was in it. Score.

"I was angry that day and my brother was telling what to write, he had a knife in his hand."-Black Shark

what was ur team called?

Evil Bus Diver that ,makes me feel fuzzy inside that you wnat to be my partner!When we drove together that one tourtnament it was awesome, I thought it was just because you were good and that I was bring you down. And Yes I think it would be awesome to design girl shirts to get some more girls to come to the tourtnaments, but not all girls care about fashion, Yea, but some smalls would be nice next year.

Mouse-chan are you goreygirl?
Oh and if you are welcome girl what's up?

I think that we should all cosplay next year to, like evil bus driver!
That was so cool, rock on cosplay, all that I managed one tourtnament was to wear cat ears and a tail.

Much joy Muffin
Oh and happy winter Solstice !
The sun returns to us now!!!!
Supersunflowerness!! ^-^

my team name was team warthog.

as I said before, Me and spartan dont get along in team kart so well.
Ian, u gotta cosplay as somepthin. Im gonna cosplay as a stormtrooer at the upcoming DDR Tourney. As well as my brother who will come later. Muffincat, u gotta come to the DDr Tourney. There will be open play there to, u can practice smash bros and kart.

Also ian, is your sister going to the kart tourney after christmas? Or is she not in 1-5th grade?

"GOOOOOOOO left go right go pick up the step go left go right go left!"-Captain Jack

The guy who left after the Kart Elimination bracket was built was dragged out just as the first elims were starting by his dad, who apparently did not know, nor care, that the event was scheduled to go until 5. The kid and his friend were both pretty miserable at having to go. However, we missed it until we got to his match, when Leinad and That Other Guy were hastily recalled for another tiebreaker. It is certainly lucky for Leinad that we had already switched over to his stronger game, so he got a Baby Park tiebreaker, but that's the way it goes. It's funny how every time Galen loses, he decides it was rigged. =)

oh EBD i don't think i played you then. it was probably finklestien or dragoonblack


Yes, to whoever asked it, I did make it past Melee quals. Somehow or another, I got did worse overall throughout the day in Double Dash than I did in melee. Which is odd, since DD is supposed to be my better game... Wierd.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

Oh i got d-rex and that other guy confused. Eli, video games is basically galen's life, when he loses he gets really mad but he mainly plays FPS on his computer. He goes through these "phases" like from one fps to another then the occasional mmorpg. Like he started with Halo then went to UT2004 and playing runscape at the same time. Then moving on the CS:S and battlefield 2. He's a cool kid but sometimes...well I think you guys have seen it.

I was talking to him in the september tournament about each commentator having their quotes and his was "THIS IS RIGGED" while tom's was "Tiers are crap" and Leinad's is "I'm here for the joy of mario kart". Infact thats not a bad idea but I have no quote :(. And Noah should not use Giggidy Giggidy Giggidy as Duck said some people don't have enough "calibur" to pull it off.

And duck monkeyman and I were talking about when the player had to go home as Eli said not getting into the suprise round, not the top 64 thing.

And tom i remember when we were debating the rule about all clan people get into the grands you said that when we do meet in the grands I will beat you but I did lose to you. Just wanted to point that out.

I hope i get to see Cheaper by the dozen 2 today, I'll tell u guys if its good.

Tiers are, indeed, crap.

And yes, I do realize that my previous statement was incorrect, but I won't lose any sleep over it, because a win is a win.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

snowman how did T UNIT do also surfing is for cordiniated people
pr0 we could do an all star event at the open play. But prizes make things interesting
"Eli Is awesome"

Turtle Clan Logo
AADL-GT Turtle Clan

snowman how did T UNIT do also surfing is for cordiniated people
pr0 we could do an all star event at the open play. But prizes make things interesting
"Eli Is awesome"

Turtle Clan Logo
AADL-GT Turtle Clan

Bad Driver, I'm telling get off the computer and go to the beach. Your wasting your vaction.
Darth Marth: Made it to the Championship by getting a high place, got out in the first round of supersmash

TruDog: Made it to the championship, got out in the MarioKart rounds.

Strovli: Did well in the wildcard but got out second to last race

Snowman: Did well in the wildcard but got out in the last race. (it was DK mountain and I had the Bowser kart.)

By the way the quoted your brother at the tournament. Have fun in Hawaii, wish I could be there. Go to the beach!!!

Muffincat - no, goreygirl is my alter-ego - me being Erin, the librarian (yes it rhymes). BTW though - I think you left behind your name badge - are you SUPER SUNFLOWER, COMMENTATOR? If so I can drop it in the mail to you - just email me your address helmriche@aadl.org

So its settled. All star tournament during the open plays. I might not make wednesday though cuz my friend's having a party. Format shall be 4 stock, 6 minutes, 1v1 with all items on medium. Banning the PAX stage list. Then the other event should be single mario kart where u get a nmumber of races then you go to elimination rounds. then the prize round is melee qualification where u play everyone atleast once or twice, then mario kart eliminations at baby park with 4 people! If enough people show it will be the top 8 from both events if not then top 4. Eli, will the system be up and running so we can randomize the matches cause i don't want to put names in a hat;)

Oh and sandstorm would make an awsome DDR song but it might be too long.
And Bad driver don't waste your vacation. Go out and relax cause your classmates can't.

how could you get me and that other guy confused??
He may be my clan mate but he is nowhere near as good as me in melee or mario kart
but still the tie breaker he was in with lienad was cheap. lienad got last in the three way tie breaker that tub o lard won with matt(that other guy) getting second. there was no reason to do another, much less one in another game

also it was to easy to mke it to the grands, I would have made it even if I only went to 1 turny

Hi, this is Moses. I have come here to say that I am moving away on the 26th of December. I'm going to live in Israel now. I will miss all u guys and I will miss playing Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. and I'm sad that I have 2 miss the Madden bowl. Remember as how I was, Moses, Black Shark, IDC. Good Bye to u all. I will be leaving in 4 days.

"Giggity Giggity Giggity, Alllllll Right!"-Quagmire

Black Shark Clan

Farewell, Goodsir, and may your first-place finishes be many!

Well that sure was a lot of notice to tell us we won't see you again. I mean if you had mentioned this earilier we would have heckeled you more while we had the chance.

tom r u done w/ ur term paper? bring $15

No..... I'm not going to finish before 6 AM, if then.... Ok, I'll try to remember the money. Are you done?

My computer hates me, and I hate it, too. It just crashed...again(the fourth time)...which means I lose more data and sources. Back to the more reliable method of inscribing words on slates, I say!!!

wow, thats saddening. Well, just because your are going to Israel, doesnt mean you still cant talk on this forum right?
Duck, plz cosplay as something for the DDR tourney on thursday. If you dont have something, Im sure my brother can help you. He's going to the all ages with Greg again and I think they are both cosplaying. Eli, I am not sure if Brian (my brother) will be cosplaying as a scout trooper. I think It will be some anime character, not sure tho. I on the other hand will be wearing the assult trooper armor that I wore at the grands (Its like 75 pounds so dont laugh when I screw up playing ddr. It weighs about 3 times more than the biker scout because much more armor).
Oh yes, for those of you who don't know what cosplay is: cos-play costume (cos) play (play). For those of you who still dont understand (OMG) cosplay is dressing up in a favorite character's outfit and act like that character or doing something that the character would never do. (Like playing DDR)

"GOOOOOOOO left go right go pick up the step go left go right go left!"-Captain Jack

Ty lots monkeyman, caqn u come over 4 a sleepover on new years and bring me my stuff then? the only problem would be that id b jetlagged and would be up all night and not in morning, but a little caffine can solve that, right>
Now remember kids, when going UP the stairs, stay to the right. When going DOWN the stairs, stay to the left, that way no one will get hurt!
P.S. J's coolios the stupidest, then beast, then funzo, or maybe funzo then beast, im not sure [gtlogo:SDK]

That's polite.....?!

pickwick if ur computer crashed then how come ur on the blog?


Snowman all my posts have been after dark 5 hour time difference
see ya moses mayb u can come back 4 A tourtament
all star event sounds great when is open play
"Eli Is awesome"

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It froze, forcing me to manually pull the plug without saving. It worked after that, though.

have u turned it turned it in yet?

Wow, that's sudden notice, Moses. Did you just find out? Have fun in Israel.

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Yea, I just found out, it was all short notice. Im so pissed.

"Giggity Giggity Giggity, Alllllll Right!"-Quagmire

Black Shark Clan

And i wanted u to be in my clan noah. Oh well have fun in isreal. Happy hannukah.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. I hope u guys got what u wanted. Bad driver there are 2 open plays next week tuesday and wednesday 12-6 i think. How come no one wants an all-star event except us 2?


pr0 it is not a genuine all star event.
An all star event would have a select list of people invited and prizes are so called all star event isn"t really one we should just have a tourtament and not call it an all star event because it really isnt
me and tp2 will probally come to open play
that is 2 bad u r leaving moses why r u moving to israel
possible events over the off season
all star game
weekly tourneys over the summer and then the preseason could be like grands for the regular season kind of like the netrual zone tourneys except weekly instead of daily also instead of combining melee and kart u could alternate which game is played so week 1 u might play kart and week 2 u play melee and u could try to qualify 4 the grands/preseason

try new games u might want to do over the next season and have mini tourneys like u did with madden
"Eli Is awesome"

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Please disregard anything my little brother said about an all star tournament.
Thank you.

I can't wait for the planning meeting because, I think that there is a way to make everyone happy. I think we do have to cut the sur-prize round but we could leave a surprise round. I will discuss all of my ideas later.

Furthermore, was Sravan, Joe, Pickwick, or other top caliber players at the grands. The scores that Duck and Leinad achieved are almost too good to be true. How could they score that many more points than anyone else. Not that I don't think they are good just that I don't think they are a head taller than the rest of the competition.

Eli I am curious as to whether or not the library has free wifi, because, if so a LAN party could be had during the open play. Also is the software you created an item that could be distributed freely. In other words I was wondering if I could use your bracket building software.

I have heard some rumors that there will be another Madden tournament. Are these rumors true? I wish I could've attended the previous tournament, but I forgot about it.

I think that an All Star tournament is a bad idea because, feelings will be hurt. I know people who will consider themselves all stars, but aren't. Also giving prizes to a tournament that only select people are invited to is not a good practice.

As to clans I am fully open to the licensing of the Turtle Clan name. If you want to start a turtle clan or join an existing turtle clan please tell me.


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AADL-GT Turtle Clan

Yeah Pro, Joe, con, Pickwick, Miniblin, Dale W., jlgelinas, Darksoul and many other top notoch player were there. The huge points we scored were because we made it all the way into the surprise rounds where Leinad and I both scored above 10,000 in root beer tapper (which weren't consolidated). We were then seeded 1st and 2nd for Pong because of said scores. In Pong we automaticly recieved at least 20,000 points and since I won the finals I received 50k.

Yes the Library has free wifi.

Ok then we will call it a tournament instead of all star tournament and everyone's invited so no one's feelings get hurt. The prizes will be like those 7 year old high lighters or t-shirts but hey its still something. What is the date of the planning meeting and is it in mallets creek? I too agree in eliminating the suprise round but have it as its own tournament like madden.

Maybe for the prize round we could do a random mode of ssbm and mkdd like Coin battle and then Balloon battle. Other variations are bonus battle and shine theif, melee without items and bomb-omb battle, and super sudden death and mirror mode. There are many melee modes but a few mkdd modes. Also if we want to increase clan participation we should give the clan winner for each monthly tournament like a 20 dollar gift certificate to each member of the clan. And in the grands we can have a 2nd place prize as gift certificates as well. And have the 4th place prize be a micro or a gamecube because it will be worth less in a year. Other than that everything else is awsome!

Tp2, Joe and I will join your clan or maybe just me or you guys can join our clan we can call it the trouble turtles or something.