Upcoming Anime/Manga events in 2006

Fruits Basket: Tohru Freaks
Tohru Freaking Out. Nuff said.

My ears are ringing a bit, but I had the best time tonight at MC Otakon! Thanks to everyone who came, I hope to see you at future events, including the GT Tournament this weekend where I will be helping with food. Here in some sort of order are the manga/anime related events for 2006. They include Animanga Club events, a new Cos-Play DDR program and the Inu Yasha special program. (see full event schedule after the break)

Animanga Club dates:
Tuesday, JANUARY 17, 7:00-8:30pm DT (Miyazake Night)
Tuesday, FEBRUARY 7, 7:00-8:30pm MC (?????)
Wednesday, March 15, 7:00-8:30pm NEB (Naruto Night)
Thursday, April 6, 7:00-8:30pm MC (Furuba continued)
Thursday, May 11, 7:00-8:30pm MC (?????)
Gather to hang, talk and snack with other fans of anime and manga. Share ideas for library events and collections while viewing anime and eating Japanese candy from Wizzywig. Prizes for club members who blog at axis.aadl.org will be given at every meeting.

Cosplay Contest & DDR Expo
Thursday, April 20, 6:30-8:30pm DT
Enter to win prizes at our 2nd Cosplay contest by dressing as your favorite anime, manga or videogame character! Judging will be based on a combination of enthusiasm for and knowledge of your character, costume quality and execution. Dance on our Cobalt Flux pads in character to your fave J-Pop tracks or just come and watch the contest and play DDR.

DT Otakon: Inu Yasha
Wednesday, May 10, 1-5pm DT
Discover the world of Inu Yasha in this triple program. Get first dibs on new copies of Inu Yasha manga, then come to the library for prize quizzes, Inu Yasha: Feudal Combat video game play and anime viewing. Registration begins Monday, April 24 at the Downtown Youth Department desk – call 327-8301.

More musings on Furuba
Given many factors including having two powerpoint presentations, three v. long papers totaling 55 pages, I did not spend as much time preparing this month as last month. I really wanted to develop smaller group discussions so we didn't have to shout all the time. Any ideas you have for future events, please post them. I am writing notes, and I read all the little comments you make on the neon evaluations.


Cool lots of events. I can't wait to see more people dance in costume.

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can my brother compete in the ddr cosplay thing? He is 19 and in college but this is exactly what he loves to do. Cosplay as Hanz (Hellsing) and play ddr in public.

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Absolutely - tell him to bring friends. No ID checks at the door -

Wait so you're adding a free bar?

*dramatic eye-roll* You opened yourself up for that one Erin.. ;)

If you love cosplay, and you come in costume, I doubt you will be turned away..

Hey Sake can make any event more exciting ;> Yeah, and really the whole point of adding DDR to the mix is to get more people to come - and watch. If they decided to enter - even better!

Just to clarify, no we will NOT be having rice wine at the our events.

*stamps foot authoritatively*

What about Vodka? (you make this to easy)

ok, that is very wrong! Sake (or vodka) and DDR dont mix.
Think about it this way: someone somehow manages to trick a cop through a DUI test and makes it to the walking on a straight line. He knows ho to do it drunk, but the cop suddenly pulls out a DDR pad and a tv and says PLAY!
that would make playing kakumei on light seem like Maxx Unlimited on heavy with one leg!

"I was angry that day and my brother was telling what to write, he had a knife in his hand."-Black Shark

*Tries very hard not to laugh really loud and wake the rest of the household up*

ahahahaha I've been to the Fruba Otakons (or at least two of them) and it' impossible to ge things quiet! lol ok I admit I ma have added a tiny bit of noise... ok a fair amount.. sorry :( but I remember this one time in my 5th grade class they were being so loud so my teacher took a big yellow sponge and ust threw it on the floor. Everyone went silent and stared at the sponge. Maybe you could try something like that?

I should point out that I have seen people play DDR drunk without falling at some time around 2:00 am in the morning. If you get some things to throw at loud people that should focus the group and stop sub conversations. I know there are Caltrops that would make nice things to throw.

Hmm, sponges and caltrops.. maybe I should just toss Nintendo DS's at everyone.. that would keep them quiet and happy!

Well, I really don't mind noise that much.. and I know everyone really wanted to get their thoughts out and talk to their friends.. I'm going to consider ways of doing this.. which simply may require adding an hour to discussion programs for kibitzing :).

let's see: one hour for manga talk. one hour for kibbitzing. one hour for eating heck of tasty snacks. one hour for... basically should we just have a 24-hour library manga center? "aadl: where the manga never stops."

and don't forget the MIYAZAKI-centered program coming up! I'll post more details on a brand spankin' new thread soon.

You could supply beds and 3 meals a day and quilify as a boarding school.