Book Sizzle


Want to stay up-to-date on books in the news? Want to know the latest movie adaptations? Then you would do well to subscribe to the monthly newsletter - Book Sizzle - just one of our new services.

When you subscribe to any (or all) of these 20 e-newsletters, you will receive monthly email newsletters with a list of carefully selected and reviewed choice titles to match your interest, whether it's with award winners, fiction preview (so you could be at the front of the waiting lists!), mystery, science fiction and fantasy, business, or science and nature. Check out the Teen Scene and the Children's Chapter Books for the young readers in your family.

There is even one for audio books.

For book groups - book club choices will give you ideas for great discussions.


I tried to sign up for Book Sizzle but could not find a place for signing up.

Barb, if you click on any of the links in the above post, they'll take you to our Bookletters section. From there you'll notice a couple choices in the left-hand menu: "Bookletters via email" or "Bookletters via RSS". Just click whichever method your prefer and you'll be given a form to sign up for Book Sizzle and any of the other newsletters.

Cool! I checked out the Science Fiction & Fantasy newsletter, and this does a better job than the Amazon SF&F e-newsletter, which is heavily weighted by media tie-ins.