"Rumor Has It"


AADL Select Sites: Reference Tools

Snopes is a great site to turn to when you want to make sense of the disconcerting warnings that fill your email inbox, telling tall tales of scams to avoid and free lunch to be had. Is it true, for example, that Bill Gates will send you $1000 for forwarding his email message? (No). Can you really help various charitable causes simply by clicking a button on a website?(Yes). Snopes presents an addicting array of subject headings to explore, including up-to-the-minute issues like Hurricane Katrina, as well as more tried and true topics such as Science, Religion and Politics. Best of all, each entry comes complete with a list of sources, ensuring readers that Snopes isn’t one big urban legend itself.

The Hottest 25 Legends compiles a list of the “25 urban legends currently circulating most widely” such as the rumor that cell phone numbers will soon be available to telemarketers (false), and that the popular Proctor and Gamble product, Swiffer Wet Jet, may be deadly to dogs (also false).

Finally, and perhaps most entertaining, under the Critter Country heading you’ll find the heroic tale of a cat who inadvertently got his head stuck in a garbage disposal attempting to get at the last bits of some smoked salmon. This one, unfortunately, is true.