Union Jacks

History Boys is a wonderfully entertaining movie which is an amalgamation of wit, comedy, drama, and philosophy. The story centers around eight intelligent, outspoken, and highly spirited students in the U.K. They are all striving to learn as much as possible to procure admittance to England's most prestigious universities.

They are facilitated on their quest by two teachers. One is a practical, young, and conservative newbie. The other is an inspiring older eccentric. The eccentric teacher is a great inspiration to the boys as he pushes them through philosophical challenges to motivate them. This helps them begin to examine the true meanings of education, happiness, and success.

What is cool about this movie is that it is adapted from the original Tony Award winning play written by Alan Bennett, AND stars the original Tony Award winning cast! So these chaps are believable and know their characters inside and out.

After this movie, you want to have a pint at the pub with these blokes! The official FFG rating of this movie is a 9.