Furuba Discussion thread--books 7-9

Fruits Basket: Tohru Freaks
Tohru Freaking Out. Nuff said.

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Now that all the books have (hopefully) found their new owners, let's start the conversation. For everyone reading at the moment, please tell me ONE Incident/Situation/Chapter in the new books that made you:
a) Laugh
b)Get emotional
c) Want to throw the book across the room

My thoughts, plus a surprise after the break.

My incident is the point in book 7 where we meet Yuki's new helpers.. I think the author is trying to set Yuki up with the crazy chick who throws stuff all over the place when no one is looking. Am I nuts to think this? Anyway, this is one of those "throw the book" situations, because I don't really like her.

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lol I like that crazy chick.. shes so weird..
in answer to the question, i was so glad we finally met Rin!!

Ah Rin.. a very interesting creature, that one..

I enjoy watching all the girls struggle to get close to Yuki. They’re just so hopelessly oblivious to the fact that Yuki is unobtainable.

Prince Yuki seems to be more, er, available as that story continues. But yes, the fangirls are pretty hopeless. There's an entire anime show, which some call a particularly pointless episode, focused entirely on the Yuki club's President and her issues with stepping down when she graduates.

I kind of have sympathy for her...the leader of the Yuki Fan Club, that is. Not sure why, but I do.

Yuki's new "helpers" are very interesting. I have a feeling there is going to be something significant about their strange behavior...Although, I never got the feeling Yuki and the girl were being "set up." I'm glad Arisa gets to fall in love, however doomed that may be by his connection with Akito.

My little emotional part was Hanajima's history. I can connect with that- although, of course, I have never near killed someone else with denpa waves...(nervous laugh)

For some reason I don't really like Rin. she's the kind of person I argue with in real life. Of course, horse's supposed personality clashes with mine.

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As for the "setting up," I dunno.. I could be totally wrong.

I have sympathy for the President.. but not a lot.. she reminds me of certain girls I went to college with who would do ANYTHING to undercut a fellow female in front of guys. The mere idea that these individuals thought I was competition still makes me laugh, but its a very strange feeling.

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Rin's my favorite! But she might not be as the books progress.. and she is kind of mean to Haru.. and hes cool.. but yah I still like her!
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Rin.. the best part about her in my opinion is when she gets so ill she actually turns into a horse and collapses in front on Tohru.. She was even the right size. Yes, she's a cold person to haru, but in some ways she's kind of heroic. She's dying to know the secret of the curse, but you get the feeling she wants it for more than herself. Of all the cursed, she is the only one who really says that she hates Akito. That in itself makes her a strong personality.