The Myth of Dynamite: Exposed!

RPS is an international sporting organization built around a contest that is centuries old. In Japan, it's called Jan Ken Pon; in Germany, Schnick Schnack Schnuck; and in parts of the US it's known as Roshambo. Rock Paper Scissors is a simple game, but when played in a competitive series, it becomes an intense, high-stakes contest of psychology, intuition, and nerves of steel. Next week, we've got Chris Berggren, Bronze Medalist from the 2004 Rock Paper Scissors World Championships, to tell his story, share strategies, and assist at the first ever AADL Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, July 14th, 2:00 PM, at the Downtown Library.

Also new in our collection is The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide, by the Walker Brothers, directors of the World RPS Society, and characters featured in the upcoming RPS film.

So, what's the Myth of Dynamite? There are persistent urban legends of a mysterious fourth element, that disturbs the balance of the game. Singlis Martok, World RPS Executive VC of Theoretical Throws, definitively puts the issue to rest in a recent issue of Think Three, the official (and primarily fictional) magazine of the sport.