Earth Mother

When Earth Mother blows across the deserts she becomes the wind beneath hawk’s wings. She fills the waterholes and sharpens the thornbushes. She flings spears of lightening into the sky and powders the trees with snow. She takes complaints from man how frogs nourish his belly, but “bad, bad, bad mosquito” torments him. From frog, she hears how “sweet, delicious mosquito” makes him happy but how he fears "bad, bad, bad Man” who eats him. She listens to Mosquito as he tells how delicious Man tastes if only there were no useless frogs. At day’s end, she spangles the trees with fireflies and goes to sleep in a perfect world. Earth Mother written by Ellen Jackson and beautifully illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon, is a quietly magical book, perfect for ages 3-10.