Ann Arbor, with a Twisp

West Liberty turned into a California street Tuesday as a Hollywood film crew shot scenes for Youth in Revolt, a comedy scheduled for release in December. According to the Internet Movie Database, the film stars Michael Cera (Juno) as Nick Twisp, a 14-year old who sets his sights on a dream girl, hoping she'll be the one to take away his virginity. The film, based on the work of author C. D. Payne also stars Justin Long, Steve Buscemi, and Fred Willard. The shoot will include a car chase that crashes into a building, which explains that weird facade going up on the corner of First and Liberty. Read more in the Ann Arbor News.


I'd like to read the book! The online records shoe that AADL had one copy which is missing. Could the library please stock another copy or two? Thanks!

The AADL does currently have Cut to the Twisp: The Lost Parts of Youth in Revolt and Other Stories. If you need tiding over...