You'll Never Garden Alone

So, you've got a garden. Now you want to add a little pizzazz!!

What to do, what to do...

These following books can get that wheel of imagination turning so you can make that garden "ALL YOU".

Try the books; Garden Details: Accents, Ornaments, and Finishing Touches for the Garden by Warren Schultz, Smith & Hawken Garden Ornament by Linda Joan Smith, and Ornament in the Small Garden by Roy Strong.

These wonderfully illustrated books include amazing color photographs that help start you thinking about concepts like color, symmetry, material, and function within your garden space. Is your style classic or unusual when it comes to garden elements? Do you favor a garden in which ornamentation is filled with bold colors or muted earth tones? Is your style whimsical, or is it all about functionality?

You want to make your own garden ornamentation that reflects all your personal styles at once? We have a book for that too! Check out Creative Garden Mosaics by Jill MacKay.

The possibilities are endless, and these books are sure to inspire. So, get out there and spruce up that garden! Your gnome wants some company, he told me.