Summer Heat

Wow! It's been HOT outside lately! Many of us have taken refuge from the heat in ice cream shops, movie theatres, or even busted out our hat fans, but that just isn't enough. What we all need to cool off is a good old-fashioned cannonball into ice cold water. If you're feeling hot under the collar, take an afternoon off from the air conditioning and head for a pool or local beach. The area has many beaches to choose from including Heath Beach, the Waterloo Recreation Area, the Pinckney Recreation Area, and the Island Lake Recreation Area. Even thinking about hanging out at the beach is fun. When is the last time any of us built a sand castle?


Great ideas! Your blog made me think of some of the coverage the Detroit News has done recently on summer activites. My favorite is Wacky weekends: Check out the Mitten's zaniest festivals. Who knew there was a National Baby Food Festival? Nor was I aware that there were so many things to do at a Park! The U-Pick farm locater was also cool.