Estate Planning

Have you been thinking about getting your affairs in order? It is a necessary but daunting task. A recent survey estimates that upwards of 60% of Americans do not have a will. If you keel over without a will or a living trust, probate court makes all the decisions. That means a big, sad mess for your surviving loved ones.

Kiplinger’s Estate Planning by John Ventura is an easy and painless (almost) way to begin. It is well organized and uses language we can all understand. It takes you through finding a good estate planning attorney, a worksheet for inventorying your assets and liabilities, explains trusts, taxes and the probate process.

It even explains how to minimize the potential for estate disputes because sometimes the nicest people get ugly when money is involved.


WOW, 60 percent of Americans do not have a will?? That is a surprisingly high percentage. Especially since you never know when you may "keel over".

On our AADL website under the "Research" tab we have a database called "Michigan Legal Forms". There are legal documents in that database that can get you started on thinking about and making your own will. Its never too early to start thinking about creating a will, especially if you have children. It can really bring peace of mind.

Thanks for this great information. You are right, making a will is not too much fun for anyone but really necessary especially with children.

Can you keel over in french?