Zen Gardening by Sunniva Harte, is a wonderful book that explores the principles of a Zen garden. Zen gardens are created spaces that promote calm, tranquility, and beauty. Whether you decided a tiny space is right for you, or a larger outdoor garden is what you had in mind, a Zen garden will accomodate your needs perfectly. Zen gardens, whether large or small, incorporate a few simple elements which were adopted centuries ago by Buddhist Monks.

This book, with full color illustrations, takes the novice Zen gardener through the principles of Zen gardening. Sunniva Harte does a wonderful job illustrating complex principles of Zen gardening. She teaches us the motive for creating outdoor spaces along Zen principles, and reveals the meaning of the different elements.

Newbies will learn to create a harmonious and peaceful garden. If you have been thinking about creating a Zen garden, then this is your time to do it!! Make yourself a wonderful space that will nurture your spirit, relieve everyday stress, and promote quiet reflection.


I was going to put up a Zen garden this year, but the only space in my backyard is right next to my Imperialist garden, which is essentially a collection of potent weeds, poison ivy, poison oak, venus fly traps, a wasp's nest, and a briar patch. So I thought it might be kind of tacky.