Traverwood Branch Opens Tomorrow, June 30, at 10:00 AM

The Traverwood Branch will open at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning, Monday, June 30, 2008. All are welcome to join the Library Caravan beginning at the old NEB at 10:00 AM to carry the remaining books to the new library.

The Branch is located at the corner of Traverwood Drive and Huron Parkway. There is ample free parking on the street, underneath the building, and in a flat lot to the south of the building. Entry to the underground parking is off Huron Parkway. Entry to the south parking lot is from Traverwood Drive. Handicap parking is located on Huron Parkway and in the underground garage. There is stair and elevator access from the garage. Bicycle racks are located on the north near the front entry, and in the garage.

The dropboxes are located on the north side of the building and will be available tomorrow, too.

Many events are planned for this opening week and they are posted under Events at

See you at the Library!



I think the parking access is off of Huron Parkway, not Huron River Drive.

When will the web site be updated? It still shows my default pickup location as Northeast.

messa, default pickup locations were not changed until we updated the catalog to incorporate Traverwood this morning. All 3,374 user accounts with a default pickup location of Northeast now list Traverwood as the default pickup location.

Enjoy the new building!

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Yup. The entrance is on the corner of Traverwood and Huron Pkwy. There is an underground garage (free!) and outdoor parking. The outdoor one is on...Traverwood, and the u-ground one is on Huron Pkwy.

I visited the library yesterday and I am really impressed with the architecture, functionality, and especially, the interior atmosphere. The interior is so warm and inviting due to the wood flooring and walls, and the view is fantastic in every corner. I can imagine spending a lot of time here, especially during cold winter months. The quality of life definitely improved with this new branch in our neighborhood. Thank you for the fantastic new library.

We are so glad that you like the branch. Enjoy!