Hunting for Crayfish

I remember very little from childhood, but some of the memories I've retained involve swimming in neighborhood creeks and rivers, and hunting for crayfish in the summer. When I moved to Ann Arbor last year, it was great to see so many canoes and kayaks on the Huron River, but surprising to see so few people swimming in the water. The Huron River Watershed Council has addressed this issue by working with local organizations to put on Huron River events, such as canoe races, group swims, and educational courses. The HRWC has also compiled resources and reports on its website regarding the increased safety of the water. You can also find the seasonal Huron River Report periodical, as well as several other books on activities in the Huron River available at the AADL. Come on in, the water is fine!


I too remember heading out with a motley crew of neighbor kids armed with nets and buckets and hunting for crayfish all summer in the creek two doors down from our house. We always had buckets of "pet" crayfish in the garage. :)

Glad to hear from a fellow turner-of-slimy-rocks-for-creatures-unseen (TOSRFCU). We kept our "pets" in the fish tank where they'd often live longer than our fish. The most durable freshwater crustacean was One Eyed (and Armed) Willy, who lived for 2 years! We miss you Willy.