Do You Sing, Dance, Sculpt, Write, Tell Stories? Get Counted!

AADL is working with the Arts Alliance to determine how many artists and creative individuals live and work in Washtenaw County. Why? Because artists are the spark that ignites our county’s creativity -- but without knowing how many dancers, writers or photographers there are here, it’s hard to give individual artists the credibility and respect (not to mention the services) they deserve.

Artists of all types – visual, literary and performing, of any age and educational background – are encouraged to participate. The census is entirely confidential and includes only 10 questions.




Thanks so much for helping to get the word out about the census! It truly is a community-wide effort - and all artists and creative-minded individuals are encouraged to participate. (It doesn’t matter the person’s age or education - we want to be as inclusive as possible!).

It’s a short census too - shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to complete.

With a more accurate number of artists we can begin to create a community of artists, while giving them the credibility and visibility they deserve!