Just in time for baseball season...

...a bunch of great baseball movies: Major League is #10 on Baseball Almanac's Top Ten List. Other favorites are Bang the Drum Slowly, Eight Men Out, Field of Dreams, and The Natural. Bull Durham tops this and many other lists. ESPN.com's "Page 2" Readers wax nostalgic as they recall their top 10 best moments in baseball movies. For a wider selection, try the top 100 baseball movies according to the Boston Men's Baseball League.


You know, I never understood what people's fascination is with Bull Durham. I am a baseball guy, but I thought that movie was to baseball what Rocky IV was to boxing. Though, speaking of Page 2, they did, not too long ago, a delightful article about a potential update to Bull Durham.

Field of Dreams, Eight Men Out, and Major League are all brilliant, though.