Sancho's Scene: Only a 'fool' would miss this!

Feeling foolish? The annual Festifools parade may only be a week away, but there’s still time to get involved in the behind the scenes process. For bigger people, the folks at Festifools are looking for help in their studio and volunteers to assist on the day of the event. Little ones can join in, too, with a special Library program next Sunday afternoon—preschool and elementary school-aged kids can create wild and crazy noisemakers before marching off to join the fun! For those keen to observe, the silliness begins at 4pm next Sunday, April 6 on Main Street in Downtown Ann Arbor.


Festifools 2009 preparations are underway - the parade is scheduled for Sunday, April 5, 2009; Time: 4:00–5:00pm (sharp!)

Edward Vielmetti