Bimbo's on the Hill and other lost Ann Arbor eateries

Bimbos on the Hill

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Anyone remember this restaurant? Check out some of the other names listed under Ann Arbor's Lost Eateries, a section of arborwiki dedicated to restaurants and watering holes from Ann Arbor's past. And if that doesn't fully satisfy your hunger for local history, the image above is taken from a collection of historical signs (mainly from the 1970s) we're currently adding to our gallery of local images. It includes other restaurants from the arborwiki list and many old signs and storefronts from area businesses.


Great list....we're now chatting about it on annarborfood. Come join us:

It looks like the link to the Collection of historical signs is not working. Here is a link that should work:

Thanks for the heads up, joed! We moved that collection around and forgot to change our links in this post. They're all fixed now.

I Have a the old green river 45 record by Rich Bloch & the Gasliters recorded at Bimbos signed by all members. Free to ever picks it up contact