Skatepark for Tree Town?


The Ann Arbor Skatepark Action Committee invites the community to participate in a public discussion about a potential skate park in Ann Arbor. The City Parks Department will sponsor the meeting at Abbott Elementary School on Wednesday, April 2, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. For more info about the meeting contact Park Planner Jeff Dehring at 734.994.1913.


I hope that the skate park created at Buhr Park in the warmer weather on the ice rink space will continue even if one is created in NW Ann Arbor. Many users are not drivers so skate parks within walking/biking distance are desirable. Since our children are grown, we have no family needs for this. However, I'm in favor of this even though we are very close and can hear the skateboarding. Young people NEED active, relatively unstructured, constructive social activities.

I think this is a low-cost, high return offering. When pool staff is around, they can do admittance to both swimming and skateboarding.

Marilyn Cummins

Ide like to know how much this will cost the tax payers?
Seeing as I (a tax payer) have already paid for the building of a skate park at vets in the 80's. I also paid to have sed park torn down.

According to the articles in the Ann Arbor News and Ann Arbor Observer, the skatepark will not be funded with any tax dollars, rather the Skatepark Group is raising the funds itself. Were any of the other sporting venues in Ann Arbor parks paid for by the athletes? I don't believe so.