Wii Sports Tournament on Saturday

Wii TennisWii Tennis

Bring a partner or find one here and play in our Doubles Tennis Tournament on the Wii console. Show off your backhand or serve up an ace. Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams. See you on Saturday, March 22nd at 1 PM at the Downtown Library Multipurpose Room. All ages are welcome. We’ll battle across the net until 5 PM.


Ah, humbug. Video Games took a sharp after Super Nintendo with the sole exception of Goldeneye 64 if you ask me. Did anyone ask me?

i will be here...

will there be open melee?

or...brawl perhaps?

hint hint?

Im going to be there with my cousins. FTW! Ya!



[post snorked by eli. don't be a troll.]

Ummm, wow, that was highly offensive and unnecessary for these message boards.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

Trolls, don't feed them. Message will be deleted shortly.
Anyways, Newegg finally came around to getting me a new video card! So, I'll be binging on Halo, Counterstrike: Source, and Starcraft (doesn't need a card, though.) So you guys have fun at your Wii-something. I'll go have some cheap wine to celebrate...as in I'll cook pork with it.....yeah.


Darn, my brother and I can't make this tourney, I still haven't brawl yet, my mom is making me wait until summer because of all my darned AP classes, but I'm going to go through other means to get it sooner.

going back to the first comment. super mario rpg was probably the only super nintendo game im striving for. youtube doesnt help it just shows you what other ppl can do. friedjellywalnut, i want your brawl code as soon as you get it.

I used newegg coupons and bought a Wii at Newegg, it's great! (link removed)

Yay! I hope I can come!

So why did snork send us here. Is it a tennis term? or wii?

I don't get the snork thing

Look at the post by "Retard" above, and the one just below it. I think a comment was edited by the Powers That Be. It does make me wonder if there's going to be a S N O R K badge of shame series. (did you see what I did there?)

Love these tournaments.

Morgsush, do you realize that this thing happened in 2008? So you can't go even if you really hoped that you could...